Looking to trim before Turkey Day arrives?

On October 18th, we are launching our "Trimming 4 Turkey Day" 6 Week Wellness Challenge!  Thousands of people have succeeded with the HSN nutrition program written by Registered Dietitian, Nicole Aucoin.  In our facility, alone, more than 40 participants have experienced results, already.  And this particular bundle would typically cost $450 - $600+ on average

This challenge includes an hour-long educational seminar, weekly nutritional tip videos, an interactive professional app, 6 weeks of daily meal plans and grocery lists prepared by Nicole and tested by our staff, 2 different biometric testing dates across the challenge, a reusable 3 compartment container, and consistent accountability.  This challenge also includes a week membership for all fitness class offerings at our facility for the non-members.  

At only $285 for the non-member bundle, this is the only option of its kind at this price point anywhere in the area!!!  But, we can only accommodate 20 people in this particular 6 week challenge and must close registration at that point.  We will also not be running another offer like this for the next few months. 

The unique feature of the challenge is that it is a Partner Challenge!!! You must have a partner registered with you to participate.  Your team will also have chances to win prizes during the Trim with several mini-challenges!

Registration closes soon!  Don't miss this opportunity!! Let's start Trimming 4 Turkey Day!!!