Who Do You Spend The Most Time With?

There is this old idea that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 

All of their values, abilities, intelligence, but also all of their baggage is ingrained in you. 

So think about it. 

Who are you spending your time with? 

What are those people like? 

Do they work to grow and evolve? 

Do those 5 people have negative patterns or cycles they refuse to confront? 

You will, by osmosis, integrate their qualities and difficulties. 

This is often called modeling. 

Your mind is like a garden. 

Something will grow there no matter what.

If you don't consciously decide who you surround yourself with, and how you feed your mind, then weeds will grow in your mind's garden. 

Anything you want can grow there. 

Weeds or flowers, it is up to your attention. 

Refine your attention.

Remember, your attention and energy is your most precious commodity. 

It's not only about choosing these 5 people carefully but about encouraging their growth along with yours. 

The growth of your closest 5 people is connected to your growth. 

The 5 people closest to you will shape who you become and shape who you are. You will shape who they become as well.

What kind of impact do you have on your core communities' growth? 

If you feel stuck in a rut, look around and notice the state of your core community. Check in with them. 

How are they doing? 

The best way to improve your life and your state of being is to help your core community grow and evolve. When they grow, so will you. 

So, what can you do to improve the growth and development of the people closest to you? 

To foster community growth, invite your friends to come workout with you at RevFive5.

Come together, to workout together, problem-solve together, elevate together. 

Take a class as a tribe and set a collective intention for evolution. Your combined energy is far more powerful when unified. 

When you workout with your core people, your collective energy will expand exponentially.

The power of your community shapes the heights you reach in yourself and as a group. 

Join in a unified vision, set a clear intention, and evolve together. 

You will all discover new light in yourselves and in one another. 

Venture inward, together. 

Venture forward, together. 

Build together.  Forward/Share this email with your 5 closest friends and encourage them to join you for a class at RevFive5 Fitness!   Interested in joining us for a class, have questions/concerns? Schedule a free No sweat Intro to get started.  See you Soon! https://revfive5-fitness.triib.com/appointments/848/ -Coach Ashley https://www.revfive5fitness.com/ Check out our Online Apparel Store https://revfive5fitness.secure-decoration.com/page/shop2

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