Wow...what a long year this month has been!

Who knew staying home more than we are accustomed to would be so much work.

We live in a culture of go.

Our society is phobic of rest.

Even God rested after creating the universe.

Yet, most of us don't rest on Sunday.

Why is that?

If even the omniscient creator of all things can take a day off, why not us too?

We so often tie our worth to our productivity.

We see ourselves only in relation to the work we do, the money we make, and the success we reach or don't reach.

But what happens on an off day?

What happens when we don't feel like working?

That's when anxiety starts, and we get down on ourselves.

The problem with tying identity to work is that it makes rest impossible.

So I am here to say once and for all: it's time for you to take a rest.

You've been working very hard. Too hard probably.

You've been stressed and overwhelmed at times.

It's natural. You're only human.

What isn't natural is never taking a breather.

Without balance, we lose what makes us human.

So take a rest.

Take a day off.

Sunday is a nice day to do it (day of rest and all that).

But who cares, take Wednesday off.

If you work for yourself, block off some time.

You deserve a day off.

You owe it to yourself.

To help facilitate your day of rest, I recommend going for a leisurely stroll.

You could also write poetry or draw.

Don't think you're a good poet or artist?

Who cares!

It's your day off.

This day is all about you enjoying yourself.

Get in touch with your creative side and relax.

Whatever you do, do it only for the sake of doing it.

Do whatever you feel like.

Go for a hike in the woods.

Pet your fur babies.

Play with your kids.

Sit in the sun for a bit.

Whatever you do. Do it with no intention but to do it.

Feel the joy of being a human BEING.

You aren't a human DOING. You are a human BEING.

Take the day and embrace your humanness by resting deeply.

Your sanity will thank you. Your humanity will thank you.

Enjoy a day in this marvelous life.

Just be.

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