Why Your Mindset Is Sabotaging Your Fitness Journey

On our recent Rev5 Fitness Podcast, Derrick had a rare opportunity to sit down with Hellbender Barbell Club Founder, Adam Williams, and historic Olympic Weightlifting Coach Travis Mash. The conversation centered around the role Olympic Weightlifting is having in the world of fitness and, specifically, in University towns.

However, the conversation shifted to "mindset."

It started from an offline conversation the three of us had during a recent lifting session. Coach Mash reminded us of the Donny Shankle quote (paraphrased), "The greatest test of man versus man is wrestling or martial arts. But the greatest test of man versus himself is weightlifting." From there, Coach Mash shared his philosophy about mindset when attacking any goal on any given day.

"If my athlete needs 121kg to win, why am I putting 120kg on the bar? Just because it's more than she's hit in the past? That doesn't make sense to me. We didn't come here to compete. We came here to win." Mash then described to us how he believes this mindset so emphatically that he can visualize the successful lift before it ever happens AND triggers a physiological response in his body to prepare for that success.

But, I'm Not A Competitive Weightlifter...

Most of us aren't. Nor will we ever be. But, do you have goals? Do you want to come off of blood pressure medicine? Do you want to fit differently in your clothes? Do you want to live to see a certain milestone in your family's life?

Assuming there's a yes somewhere in there, the real question becomes do you believe you will succeed in that goal? Do you possess the mindset that you WILL attain your goal and see no room for anything LESS? Does your mindset impact your decisions? Are you willing to do the things necessary to walk out that visualized success?

If not, then you may see some positive growth, still. But you won't reach your specific goal, the goal that we - hopefully - had the chance to establish with you to get you back in control of your long term health. You can put in work and do some of the right things, but your mindset...your lack of visualized success...will undercut that work.

Zig Ziglar warned not to be a "wandering generality" but a "meaningful specific."

Don't settle for some positive change instead of successfuly attaining your specific goal(s). Believe that you will be successful. Believe it so much that you can visualize that success. Believe it so much that you feel a response in your body when you visualize it. Believe it so much that you make the daily decisions to bring it to life.

The obstacle doesn't have to be a barbell loaded for a world record.

Take control of your health. Own your mindset.

(Listen to the full episode and others HERE)

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