Why fit people continue to be fit, and everyone else continues to struggle

Do you ever wonder why the fit people continue to be fit, and everyone else

seems to struggle?

Its not that we have different goals or that anyone is better than the next

person. Sure, we all have different genetics, but that copout excuse has been

refuted and overcome by millions of people around the world with far worse

circumstances and genetic abilities than you or I.

The real difference?

Its about the types of goals we set, and where we place our focus. Let me explain:

Our instant gratification culture has us chasing empty dreams and neglecting

the growth that can and should come with everything we do.

Simply put, we are taught to chase dreams and goals for the wrong reasons.

Our goals are most often in search of external gratification to keep up with

some standard of living and materialism that society has told us we should

attain to be accepted by our peers and achieve "status".

We want likes, followers, and shallow acceptance from shallow people that

leave us feeling lonely and inadequate when they ditch us for someone with

a nicer car or new shoes.

Think about that.

Your goals are not your own.

TRUE goals should be focused on the development of self.


What character traits, values and virtues am I developing during the

PROCESS of goal attainment?

The objective should be to set goals to develop the PERSON you are


If all you bring to the table is what you look like and what you "have", you're

in for a life of shallow relationships, loneliness, inadequacy, and constantly

chasing fulfilment through the next shiny red object of desire that never really

does anything to fulfil you.

The lesson:

~Set the type of goals that will make something of you to achieve them!

This thought can and should also be applied to your body.

Every time you train your body, you are also training your mind.

Do you know that everything you do from the moment you wake up to the

moment you go to bed, you are either creating new habits or reinforcing old


The habits you create will determine your outcomes, quality of life, self

confidence, and sense of well-being.

True success in life isn't simply about completing tasks set forth, but

acknowledging that every time you choose to step into your difficult

circumstances and see it as an opportunity for growth rather than simply a

means to completing a task, you are developing your character and enriching

some aspect of yourself.

Heres a way this applies to your training:

You can set a goal to achieve a body transformation by a certain date, get it

done at all costs (often begrudgingly), but as soon as it's done, you start to

fall off the other side of the cliff and spiral back to where you were previously,

and sometimes even worse. This often leads to stress, anxiety, overwhelmedness

and negative associations to healthy practices because it was a massive

stress for you to stick with it.


You can set the goal to become the type of person that is fit, healthy,

disciplined, calm, and focused every day. Your body will morph because of

the high impact daily habits you create and develop over time, rather than the

tactics you apply in a rush.

Habits are sustainable, tactics are transient.

You ALWAYS have a choice.