What You Can Expect In 2021

Today's blog is intended to give you a glimpse into what REV5 Fitness has in store for our community in 2021. The overall theme is learning to understand your body and listen to it in any given day. This will allow the brand new Resolutionist to start wherever he or she is in their respective health journey, and it allows the seasoned member to optimize every workout attempted. More than anything, it allows us to come together to make Boone a healthier community.

Something that this virus has shown us we all need to do.

Enjoy the information below. Make sure you follow our Instagram, FaceBook, and Podcast. And let's work together to own the health of the High Country in 2021!!!

The REV5 Fitness Podcast was created as a messaging tool for the members at the beginning of the COVID shutdown. We quickly realized, however, that the podcast was a great platform to add value to the members' experience, especially from home. Over time, the guest list and the variety of topics have grown to a point where we are proud to call it an informed perspective on redefining and understanding long term health.

For Episode 27, Derrick was joined by Coaches Ashley and Michelle to talk about exercising and your period. What began as an online Q&A about 3-7 days of the month turned into a 30:00 conversation loaded with tips on nutrition, intensity, and recovery for the full month. We also touched on a few mythbusters for good measure. Then Ashley ended with 2 books she recommends all female gym-goers AND Coaches should read. Check out this episode and all the others by clicking the button below.

You can expect the REV5 Fitness Podcast to continue in full force. Our mission through this platform will be to help the listeners define for themselves what "long term health" means and give them expert episode insight on how to gain control of that health. Please consider following it and sharing the episodes with @rev5fitness tags to boost awareness.

Keeping with the theme, we've constructed a year-long Health Goal Tracking Sheet for 2021. This is separate from the 31 day #HealthBetter Challenge that we are using to kickoff the new year. This document has biometrics, goals, fitness baselines, even a spot for you to define your health "why."

Download this sheet by clicking the link below. If you don't have the biometric information and want help with it, Ashley or Derrick can do it for $20 cash. If you're stuck on some of the goals, ask your trusted Coach. Regardless, leverage this free resource. It is another gesture from us to you to allow you to be in control of your health in 2021.

Now comes the fun stuff. The meat and taters, as my Granny would say.

Programming 2021.

Below you'll see the monthly focus through the middle of the Summer. Also, in the next section, you'll see "What's In? And What's Out?" This should help you to get a better "feel" for what our programming focus will be moving forward (pun completely intended).


We stared baseline testing this week for 4 Rep Max efforts on 3 of the foundational lifts to all of the workouts we provide you on a daily basis. We went with 4 reps because of the application to the workouts AND to the application in a real-life scenario, which we explained in a blog a few weeks back. We'll focus on this final percentage-based strength cycle through the month of January and deliver it with a solid dose of sprint-style conditioning segments to keep things interesting. Buckle up for this one, because the test runs have been a doozy!!!


We will take a month away from a strength cycle and get back to good, old-fashioned MetCons. You'll see couplets and triplets as the bread and butter, with a few chippers thrown in. Get to know and love the AMRAP in this phase. We'll also put an intentional focus on Skill Work. This is always a pursuit of our newer members, and the CrossFit Open starts at the end of the month. Coming off of a strength cycle and kicking the tires on some good 15:00ish conditioning with a skill focus should have our Open hopefuls ready to compete. But, for the non-Open member, this is also exactly what you need to be walking out that journey toward controlling your overall, long term health!


Get the PR bells ready to ring! Coming off a much-needed deload - and just before the infamous "Murph" season - we are going to hit a nice Olympic Lifting and Squat emphasis for a few weeks. This will be the first time that you really hear us harping on the "feel." We won't be using 1RM, but we'll be challenging you to work up to what "feels" heavy for the day. This will be a great foundation builder for daily workouts, but you'll also see significant body composition impact if you have your nutrition dialed in appropriately. Enjoy this phase of slingin around the weights, because May is coming...


Go long. And then go long again. That's the theme of this segment. Obviously we have Murph, but Summer is a-coming and needs some stamina to go with it! Coming off those strength gains, we'll shift gears toward overall conditioning. We are focusing specifically on longer duration workouts as we take our aerobic endurance to the next level (Martha is rolling her eyes, right now). Expect to see workouts at 21:00+ 2x/week, and we'll couple it with some decicated accessory work at least 3x/week. This will come in many forms, such as supplemental exercises pre-workout, finishers, focused cool-downs, and more!

In addition to the monthly breakdowns, we honed our vision and have some dedicated decisions regarding what's "in" for 2021 and what's "out" for our RevFit deliverable. We believe that the podcasts, the blogs, the Challenges, the social content, the Deep Health Coaching, and the Health Goal Tracking Sheet all come together nicely to give you the ability to own your health this year. But - just to be sure - we've removed some things that didn't fit our vision and ensure others will be there as we move forward.

What's In?

  1. Seminars. It's been FAR too long since we had a good seminar in our facility. And that ends in 2021 (hopefully). We've had so many good seminars since we moved into this facility, and it was the backbone of our fitness offering after the classes. Even if it means wearing masks, it's time to bring those back. We've had requests for an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar and a Kipping Seminar, so far. If you have an idea of another seminar, let one of the Coaches know sooner than later. Otherwise, get ready to be better in 2021.

  2. Feel. We posted an IGTV video explaining the "feel" of a daily workout. Whether it be the Strength portion or the Conditioning, our intent is to inform you on what the workout should feel like and collaborate with you to get to the feel for YOU. This may be us saying "work up to what feels like a heavy single for the day" or it could be "the workout should feel moderately heavy and completed in 1-2 sets each round. For the fittest athletes in the room, this should take 12:00 with minimal rest. For the majority, this should take about 15:00 with some small rests to shake things out." Referring back to Ashley and Michelle's podcast, it's important for us to give you a chance to know your body and optimize a daily prescription.

  3. Heroes and Holidays. We are done waiting to see if we'll be open on a given occasion. Therefore, we have 16 Hero and Holiday workouts on the agenda, if not more sprinkled in. They may be different or modified, but who knows. We are ready to get back to OUR rhythm. Be looking for Hero WODs on Memorial Day, July 4th, 09/11, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day. We also have Holiday WODs on New Years Eve/Day, Valentines Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day!!!

  4. Substitutions. Moving forward, you'll see a new tool to allow Coaches and Athletes to easily pick out adjustments to higher skill gymnastics movements. Whenever a MU or HSPU is programmed, we will include 2 additional options to choose. These 2 options will be listed as Option 1 & Option 2. The first will be considered an "intermediate" adjustment, while the second will be more an "introductory" adjustment. Athletes should listen to their body, know their day, and choose the option which fits best in that particular day!!!

What's Out?

  1. Single Modality Days. This has been a decision for a bit, but we're solidifying it. None of you was paying us pre-COVID to come to class to run a 5k. But, especially since COVID, we recognize that single modality days just don't provide you the value that you are purchasing. Do they have a place in the scheme of the programming and general physical fitness and the stuff Ash & M mentioned? Absolutely. But you can choose to do those on your own, at our facility or not. Therefore, we will not be providing a full class around a single modality moving forward.

  2. 1RM. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. We haven't used this in a long time. And we've blogged about it in significant detail. It's also mentional in the "feel" video on IGTV. The 1RM just doesn't translate into the goals of our seed member seeking control of his/her long term health. A much more appropriate, safe, and relevant approach is to work up to "what feels heavy" for 1-2-3-4-whatever. If you have had a rough night's sleep, or are about to start your period, or feel GREAT, this is the better approach. In a more scientific sense, the Hellbender Barbell Club already uses this for their athletes by prescribing weights based off of Rate of Perceived Exertion. Regardless, we want you to understand and listen to your body. The execution of the program comes after that.

  3. HSW. This just isn't relevant to the goals of our members. There may be days where Skill Work allows for sharpening this skill at an individual level, but there's no place for this in our conditioning at this point. If nothing else, COVID has had you in squares or on X's for months. It's a cool skill to have; family holidays are a smash with this party trick. But, Handstand Walks need to be reserved for those using this as training for profressional sport and not in pursuit of overall long term health. (I could add that Pistols are a close runner-up, but they aren't a complete atrocity for people who do them well. Otherwise, the step-up is perfectly adequate)

  4. Burpees. Just kidding...you wish.

The Open is back (at least for now), beginning March 11th. They're saying that it's now only 3 weeks instead of 5. It'll still be announced on Thursday nights at 8pm, and it will run until Monday at 5pm. While we are no longer a CrossFit affiliate, we recognize that there are people in our community who want to continue to participate in The Open.

So here's what we'll be providing:

Weekly programming will continue as usual. We'll get the workout on Thursday night, and it'll be inserted as the workout for Friday. You can also hit it during Open Gym any day before the deadline. For those wanting to submit your score, you'll need to make sure you have something to record your workout to submit via YouTube (because we aren't Seven Seals anymore). For those who don't care about The Open or don't want to tackle the posted Rx, we'll provide a more universal workout with a similar stimulus. For those who are shooting for a good Rx performance, don't forget that you have a handful of Coaches who can do any "girl" workout in basically :90, or have Coached someone to the CrossFit Games, or have been the athlete on TV at the CrossFit Games multiple times. LEAN ON THAT STRATEGIC INTELLECT!!!

Vaccines and hopeful hearts haven't convinced us that a portion of our RevFit family won't still be working out from home or the office. Therefore, we will be continuing the HomeFit deliverable until further notice. These videos are adaptable to any variety of available weights and last roughly 45 minutes. The Coach will guide you through the explanation, demonstration, and warm-up before doing the Strength and Conditioning components with you. As many movement adjustments as come to mind will be described and demonstrated. We try to offer a live Zoom class at least once - if not twice - per month. You can learn more about HomeFit by clicking the button below.

We had 12 months to learn valuable lessons in 2020. It wasn't a wash. But, now, we have 365 new opportunities to take control of our health in 2021!!! Thank you for realizing your resiliency. Thank you for representing what it means to be RevFit. And, thank you for inviting REV5 Fitness alongside you in your journey.

If you know you're ready to become part of the RevFit fam in some way, click the button below to book a free No Sweat Intro today. 20 minutes of conversation can be exactly what you need to invite us alongside you in the journey toward controlling your long term health!!! 2021 is OUR year!!!

To your success,

The REV5 Fitness Team

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