What's Better Than Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

Personally, I think dark chocolate covered almonds are better than chocolate covered strawberries… But I digress.

This is just a reminder that on Saturday 02/13, we are hosting a bring a "WOD Mate" workout for you and a partner to come in and join us for a safe, fun, and effective workout. 2021 is the year we take back the reins on our health and fitness goals and we all know fitness is more fun with loved ones, friends, family, or four legged companions.

For our current members, you don't need to RSVP that day. You just need your RepMate, SweatMate, SwoleMate to RSVP via the free trial link below. But, if you're an old member, a frozer member, or new to the community, you can still join us for a COVID-safe Valentine's Day Partner Workout at 9:00am or 10:15am. We'll also have a little V-Day gift for each of you that day! Simply click the link below to claim a spot. REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE FILLING UP!

Not ready to join us in person? We have you covered at the comfort of your own home! The button below will take you to our Instagram account. Simply shoot us a DM about doing the V-Day HomeFit Workout, and we'll get you all of the details.

Health isn’t just about food, movement, and mindset. It is also about the interactions we have and what we share with our fellow loved ones! Hope to see you and your swolemate soon!

To your success,

The REV5 Fitness Team

PS - If you already know you want to kick off the journey toward controlling your health and aren't sure how to begin, click the button below to book a free No Sweat Intro today. 20 minutes of conversation can be exactly what you need to begin the pursuit of success!!! You just need to start.

And get the jump on your REV5 Fitness swag being on it's way today. Let everyone know that you're RevFit. SHOP away...

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