VUCA (gesundheit) and Your Health

Mastering your long term health demands best-thinking, not best-practices.

Last week, I wrote about the book Mastery by George Leonard. Absolutely recommending that each of you buy your own copy, I talked about something slightly outside of the author's points. That was a call for you to DECIDE that you WANTED to master your long term health and BELIEVE that you are WORTHY to pursue mastery of your long term health.

Today, I want to elaborate on mastery of your health with a popular acronym.

VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.

In today's society, one-size-fits-all simply doesn't work. Especially in the context of 2020, we know that each of you have unique circumstances, stressors, resources, and goals. We also know that the push for instant gratification makes it tough to embark on a journey like the mastery of your long term health, which is why it's CRITICAL that we help arm you with the ability to think on your feet instead of operating off a script.

Positive habits are wonderful. Without them, you'll undoubtedly waste effort and time in your pursuit. However, the increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity means that you must be capable of seeking new orientations and taking fresh approaches. Only then can you build upon positive habits and guarantee positive results in changed circumstances. The VUCA world challenges you to find your own way, daily.

Broken down, the components of VUCA are as follows:

  • Volatility: We live in a world that’s constantly changing, becoming more unstable each day, where changes big and small are becoming more unpredictable – and they’re getting more and more dramatic and happening faster and faster. As events unfold in completely unexpected ways, it’s becoming impossible to determine cause and effect.

  • Uncertainty: It’s becoming more difficult to anticipate events or predict how they’ll unfold; historical forecasts and past experiences are losing their relevance and are rarely applicable as a basis for predicting the shape of things to come. It’s becoming nearly impossible to plan for investment, development, and growth as it becomes increasingly uncertain where the route is heading.

  • Complexity: Our modern world is more complex than ever. Problems and their repercussions are more multi-layered, harder to understand. The different layers intermingle, making it impossible to get an overview of how things are related. Decisions are reduced to a tangled mesh of reaction and counter-reaction – and choosing the single correct path is almost impossible.

  • Ambiguity: In today’s world it’s rare for things to be completely clear or precisely determinable. Not everything is black and white – grey is also an option. The demands are more contradictory and paradoxical than ever, challenging our personal value systems to the core. In a world where the “what” takes a back seat to the “why?” and the “how?”, making decisions requires courage, awareness, and a willingness to make mistakes.

VUCA is actually a leadership model. But that doesn't make it irrelevant in this context, because our goal is for you to be in control of (leading) your long term health. And when you view this model through the lens of your health journey, you can quickly see how high the odds are that you'll fail. And failure is not an option if you've decided you want to master and are worth mastering this journey. So how does it help you?

By making the decision to master your health, working hard to consistently build positive habits, and understanding that our world is not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all scenario, you can prepare for the unknown, the missteps. In law enforcement, we used to sit and roleplay various situational encounters. This was simply to not be mentally caught off-guard if one of them occured. It actually came into play one time when I rolled accidentally up on a gas station robbery and was caught in the crossfire. VUCA provides the same benefit toward mastering your health. Commit yourself, build the mechanics, then learn to make on-the-fly decisions to your success whenever life goes awry (and it will!!!).

Another way to leverage the acronym is Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Adaptability/Agility.

  • Vision: Paint a picture of the future you want. In a a a 10 years.

  • Understanding: Understand interconnections; make them transparent. Reflect on the context. Think and plan strategically. Start from the result and work backwards. Embrace and exploit behaviours and reactions. Convert anxiety and resistance into productive energy.

  • Clarity: Focus on what counts and what it's really about. Trust transparent connections and processes. Apply energy and force exactly where they will be most effective.

  • Adaptability/Agility: Account for mistakes. Make counter-decisions. Build up resilience. Learn to interact with potential obstacles transparently.

All in all, it comes down to you having the tools to be able to make the necessary adjustments in your daily life to be successful in controlling your long term health. That's mastery. You need perceived worth, a personal commitment, positive habits, and the skills to be agile in an unpredictable situation. If you have those tools, you are within grasp of mastery of your health.

If you lack any of those steps, we can help. We can teach you the skills AND help you stay accountable in the pursuit. All you need to do is ANONYMOUSLY and FOR FREE check out our HEALTH COACHING page. And if you already know you are ready to commit yourself to YOU and want to invite us alongside you in the journey, then book a free No Sweat Intro now.

To your success,

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