Using COVID19 To Grow Our Athletes

With no Earth-shattering updates on the Coronavirus situation today and comfort in the workouts being delivered, we’re taking the opportunity to invest in the growth of our athletes from an angle outside of providing WODs.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll attempt to educate our members and possibly reshape THEIR priority of THEIR various needs as an athlete. Today, we started with RECOVERY by posting in our Private Members' Page a rare Coach Michelle knowledge bomb using her perspective as a multi-time CrossFit Games athlete. But the advice of one of the Fittest Women in the World to those of us simply exercising in our homes to relieve the mental and physical stress of the Coronavirus is simply too relevant not to share.

Please enjoy (despite the virtual background noise). When you’re done listening, drop any further questions you might have here so we can provide you with some insight.

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