Triib Update & Doing Easter the Coronavirus Way

First, a quick update about how we are working to improve our remote deliverable to you with each week that passes in quarantine. For those receiving the customized programming and/or coaching, we've worked with Triib to get the daily Home WOD videos loaded into Triib with the respective workout. So when you open the day's prescription, you'll see the 2 versions and an instructional video from our YouTube Playlist. This ONLY works with iPhones at the moment, though. Triib tells me that Android hasn't figured out how to make it all line up yet. Android users can see the WOD and the video together through the desktop version of Triib or simply access the video directly through our YouTube Playlist. We'll keep walking this out and keep you in the loop.

Second, tomorrow is Easter. It has been a weird few weeks leading up to the holiday. Plus we can't travel to friends and family. Plus the grocery stores are understocked. Churches are operating online, while restaurants and retail are limited to takeout or single digit consumers. It's nothing like the norm.


We've been forced to slow down. We can't hide behind the business of travel. If we want to connect with friends and family, we have to be intentional about it now. Let's take that as a gift. Whether the holiday is sunrise hymns, or Easter Bunny goodies, or both, or neither for your household, I encourage you to take the day tomorrow to cherish your situation.

And if you need to feel connected for your Easter meal, reach out virtually to Chef MoMo. She was made for this and has been practicing taking orders ALL WEEK!!!! (like for real) From our family to yours, we love you and wish you a happy 'rona-style Easter.

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