Times are changing...

Happy Sunday!!

Today is a new day, a new week, a new opportunity to make a change! Change can be highly difficult, scary and at times feel like it isn't worth the effort. Change comes with a high price, letting go of something familiar and cozy to obtain something that you only have faith in. If you approach change as an exciting, new opportunity to learn and develop this process can be a lot less painful and actually give you bigger and better lessons that you didn't know you needed!

I have found that preparing my mindset for the change has helped me transition through the tough waters change can sometimes create. Here are 3 key concepts I hold on to while gearing up and implementing a change!

  • ACCEPTANCE - I know not everyone will see my vision and that is OK!! People will have their doubts about you and your dream but that is theirs, NOT yours! I accept that those limitations are for them, not me.

  • DISCIPLINE - Motivation fades, discipline stays! Motivation is short lived and needs constant upkeep. Discipline will serve you even when you're run down, tired.

  • FLOW - Things will NOT always go as expected! When things turn on you, turn it into an opportunity! Take a step back and look for ways the challenge can help you. I have discovered so many amazing new benefits by this mindset!

Change is FUN if you lean into it and know that in the process, things can CHANGE!

What kind of CHANGE are you ready to make?!?!

-Coach Ash

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