SWEAT ANYWHERE!!! Check Out This Free Home Workout.

We know that many of you in the High Country are still tucked away in your homes. So we want to offer you a free workout that will keep you feeling active while you fight this virus. And it can be done with minimal-to-no equipment!!!

Suggested General Warm-up and workout tips are listed below. You can also click the button under the workout to hear from a Coach and see movement demonstrations and adjustment suggestions. Move safely, and #livebetter !!!


10 Jumping Jacks

10 Up-Downs

10 Dynamic Lizards

10 Alt Reverse Lunges

The warm-up above is simply a suggested General Warm-up to elevate the core temperature, elevate the heartrate, and elevate the breathing. You may find that you need more. Please listen to your body and do more. A workout is of no use to you if it causes you pain!

The Bodyweight Pump should take you right up to the full :60, but shouldn't go over. Trim the number of reps to ensure you have a few seconds to shake it out.

The rounds in the AMRAP should take just over :60 but no more than :90. Take down your weight or number or reps to ensure you're in the timeframe. If you complete the first couple of rounds sub-:60, then you better be prepared for the long haul. That's a tough pace to sustain!

Check out the video for movement demonstrations and suggested adjustments. The link to that video is just under the workout image.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! You're taking control of your health. Be proud of it.

You don't "do" HomeFit. HomeFit is not a workout. It's a part of our community, which happens to be working out from home right now. So, if you give this one a try and feel the self-pride you SHOULD feel for taking control of your health, please consider posting a picture of video and tagging us in it. Let the community know that you're still investing in yourself!!!

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Just in case you're thinking of coming back into a facility, we are running a 2 month Beginner Bundle. The first month as 12 group sessions taught from a customized curriculum to build your foundational knowledge of the movements and lingo. The workouts will get progressively harder, and each class ends with a unique health topic discussion. That registration ends January 30th, and the limited spots are disappearing quickly!

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