Creating A Hub For Update Info

In the ongoing elusive effort to identify the best platform for keeping our community up to date on our pivot to an Online Coaching deliverable and how the 'Rona is currently impacting access to our gym space, we have created this landing page for you. ALMOST all information will be dropped her from this point forward, however, some items will need to remain inside the private Members' Page on Facebook. For example, the customized daily programming on the YouTube channel will not be posted on this page. Most all other info will find its way here, though.

With this being the first post, I'll attempt to make it your inclusive resource. All of this information should be known, already.

Our doors have been closed March 19th. The Governor mandated all gyms to close shortly after. He then issued a Stay-At-Home order on March 30th. There are 7 confirmed cases in Watauga County to date. We will return to our brick and mortar gym when allowed by the Governor and as recommended.

We offer customized daily workout programming via Triib and explained in the YouTube channel pinned to the private Members' Page in Facebook. We'll also be posting a free WOD suggestion on the public social accounts roughly once per week simply in an attempt to offer help to our followers in the community who may not know where else to turn in this time.

Our coaches have stepped up voluntarily to provide Online Coaching to all of our members. This includes WOD advice, accountability, equipment modification suggestions, etc. You can request a coach be assigned to you as part of your current membership by completing this form and letting Derrick know you've done so.

We created a podcast to provide periodic updates with a bit more conversational detail. You can follow that at

We are focusing during this time on 5 Healthy Habits : exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindset, connectedness.

Most importantly, we aren't going anywhere! We will beat this. We've got this, TOGETHER!

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