Real Statement From A Real Non-Member (We Bet You'll Relate)

"I'm too fat, and old, and out of shape."

But I also really miss how I felt when I was younger.


And how many of you reading this can relate? You've either said it or heard it from someone in your circle.

Many of us come from some point of being "healthy" in our lives. Some of us were athletes in High School and/or College. Even if not, most of us liked our results at our annual physical, liked how much energy we had compared to now, and liked how our clothes fit. "I'd love to be back there."

But life has a funny way of happening.

Most of us are working professionals. We have families. We are in Graduate School or recently post-grad. And these truths are amazing!!!

And they likely also came at the small price of sacrificing control of your health.

But, for us at Rev5, our passion is not in getting you back into your Senior Week bikini. Sure, confidence in your body is important, but those aesthetics are not what drive us. It's the compounding spiral that follows the love handles you earned while you were graduating college, getting your foot in the door of your career, or homeschooling your kids during Quarantine.

It's when aesthetics becomes an indicator to a dangerous long term path. It's when blood pressure medicine or insulin enter the conversation. And - maybe worse - we are driven to help you take back control BEFORE you feel like it's too hard to start to take back control.

Group fitness can feel intimidating, in and of itself. Having a Health Coach making recommended tweaks to your daily routine (and holding you accountable) can be uncomfortable. And, let's be real, the idea of passing on some yummy food so you can sweat on purpose is kinda crazy when you say it out loud! But combining these with a mindset of being too fat, too old, and too out of shape to start will defeat your pursuit from the beginning and catapult you into a long term negative spiral.

Don't give in to that way of thinking. Own your perspective.

Yes. I can quickly list all of the ways that we excel in welcoming a new person into our program. I can tell you about the introductory conversation, the prescriptive model, the daily hands-on teaching, and the adapatable classes. I can show you examples of the results that are likely.

But none of that will matter if your perspective is defeated from the beginning. The answer is that you're NOT too fat to start. You're NOT too old to start. You're NOT too out of shape to start. But...the longer you let it go...the harder it will be to start.

You deserve to have more energy. You deserve to have less stress. You deserve to feel better in your clothes. You deserve to have control of your long term health. You just need to believe that.

Start with a free No Sweat Intro. It's just a conversation. That's one positive step that you didn't take yesterday. One of many moving forward.

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