R55F Town Hall Meeting

RevFive5 Fitness family... HERE IS THE PLAN TO RE-OPEN NEXT WEEKEND if permitted!

This will possibly be duplicate notification, but I'm working hard to ensure that I tap all outlets to get everyone up to speed on this important information.

I’ll be holding a virtual R55F Town Hall Meeting at 7pm tomorrow (Sunday) to unveil the re-entry plan, discuss what we’re predicting, and answer questions about how it will unfold. It goes way beyond tape on the floor!

The link and password to tune in live are in the private Members' Page. If you know you can't be present, you can comment on the post in the private page with questions that you'd like addressed in your absence.

Please understand that this Zoom meeting will be THE explanation of protocols/expectations for the business, staff, and members. There will be one final email explanation that will go out at the end of the week, and the protocols will be in effect at that point.

Hang in there! And weigh YOUR options! We’ve got this, TOGETHER!

Topic: RevFive Town Hall

Time: May 17, 2020 07:00 PM

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