Phase 4 Coronavirus Response, Rowing, and Sushi

Phase 4 of our COVID19 response begins now. The various phases to our response have been outlined periodically in our Member Insider Podcast. The newest episode has guest Joseph Miller of COBO Sushi helping us introduce the foundation of the Phase 4 approach (SERVING). You can find the podcast here

In that phase, we’re partnering - through support of the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce - with the local restaurants who are still fighting to stay open (you can find that list of businesses here) Those partners are joining us to help the High Country residents feel connected with those they’re missing in this tough time through the "Row To Where You Miss" campaign. You can find the event details here. In the Discussion section, you’ll find a quick video, participant details, and the above podcast. This is also where the community will post destinations for us to help cover.

RevFive5 Fitness tribe, there's a link in the private Members' Page for you to signup to support this initiative. Restaurant representatives, reach out to us to partner. And local gyms, we encourage you to use your rowers (and follow all guidelines/mandates) to accrue some meters to help us get the local residents to where they miss!!!

Remember High Country family, we’ve got this, TOGETHER #KeepBooneHealthy #SmallBusinessStrong #GoAwayCOVID19 #IndividuallyOrdinaryCollectivelyRadical

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