Peak Prediction From Health Dept

A report was presented today today by the Watauga County Health Department which predicts April 22nd to roughly be our "peak" of the Coronavirus impact.

From a R55F perspective, this prediction is both difficult and encouraging. On the one hand, the 22nd isn't all that far away. The pivot to online coaching hasn't been easy for anyone, but we have all held fairly strong thus far. Members continue to partake in demanding Home WODs, and Coaches continue to guide the members toward the pursuit of success, even with a new definition of the term. Health Coaching continues, and some new members have even joined us! So, to hear that the peak is in sight brings encouragement. We can see the light!

However, the news of an 04-22 prediction is also difficult. The three weeks of impact that COVID19 has had on the R55F family and business has already been appreciable. Many are feeling the strain: physically, mentally, financially. We are all eager to return to our remembered "norm." But the experts are warning of jumping the gun once the peak passes. The report indicated that doing so would inevitably create a new peak, which would likely be around the end of May (Memorial Day Murph). Let that sink in...we'd have as much time on the downard slope of the curve as we did climbing to the peak. Reckless abandonment of social distancing could very well mean a Government-allowed return of August!!!

Obviously the decision is not ours to make. But it's important to grasp the necessity of social distancing and why in-person fitness businesses are under this mandate. It's also important to be aware of the potential negative impact it could have on R55F to push the boundaries and return before the experts deem it safe. If you think these three weeks have been tough, then wrap your head around three more months of it!

Hang in there fam. Keep your head up. Keep finding the motivation to push yourself with each day that we're given. Flatten the curve. And trust with us the people who are making these predictions and decisions. We haven't given up on your health, nor have we given up on the experience of being on that journey with you IN PERSON. We'll get back there. We've got this, together!

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