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Happy Memorial Day !!!

In attempting to keep some outdoor group classes going as we move toward re-opening, the biggest 2 factors will be the weather and the structure of the workout. For example, I'm not trying to do a 20 person class of a "home workout" in the pouring rain or have people RSVP for a 3 mile run, if that makes sense.

So, we'll keep this pop-up style for now. And next week's weather is looking really promising so far. Regardless, you're welcome to gather at the gym to do your workouts any time you'd like. Just please keep the 25 person limit and 6 feet when doing it. Otherwise, don't let our pop-up offerings keep you from meeting when you can around your schedule.

Tomorrow, I'll be there for a 4:30 class. The workout is good to do with other people. The weather looks like it will have paused at that time. You'll need to RSVP in Triib, but that's ready for you and will automatically open 16 hours prior. Just remember that the building will be shut (aka the DUs).

Hope to see you there! And hope to see you more starting next week...fingers crossed!!!

(Photo cred to Julia Padgett)

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