Meet The Curry's...And Learn How They Can Help Your Health

"I just want to be able to open a jar of pickles."

"And I'm just here because she's here."

If you know Mark and Michelle Curry, then your life is already better than it could've been. But, if you know Mark and Michelle Curry, then you'll chuckle at knowing that's how my first ever conversation went with them in the lobby of REV5 Fitness. And, yet, we agreed to 12 personalized training sessions. That was in the Summer of 2019.

What we quickly learned was that Michelle couldn't extend her arms overhead, and Mark couldn't get down on the floor and back up without assistance or pain.

What if I told you that they're still members today? What if I told you that Mark does Burpees and Box Jumps? What if I told you that Michelle can do a Handstand Hold against a wall and runs a sub-7:30 mile split consistently? What if I told you that they were in the top 30 in attendance in 2020?

What if I told you that the Curry's are the example of how YOU should be approaching your health?

Getting The Most Out Of Life

Mark is the brains behind Creative Printing located at 1738 NC Highway 105 Bypass. Michelle is a teacher in Lenoir. Both obviously have demanding professions. But, just for kicks, both are active ski instructors. They also have grandkids, including a fairly recent one.

There came a point where the realization set in that they wanted to not only keep doing the things that bring them joy (like skiing and playing with the grandbabies) but they wanted to enjoy them to the fullest extent. And age wasn't going to dictate control of their health. So they committed themselves to attending REV5 twice a week. And they have attended without fail, unless an unavoidable conflict presented.

Mark arrives early to do an additional stretching routine. They both listen intently to the Coach and then listen intently to their bodies for the given workout. They make the proper movement adjustments to match the intended stimulus. And they not only improve in every single workout, but they go throughout the rest of their day relatively free of pain. They say skiing has never felt this good, and we say their grandkids better eat some Wheaties!!!

Being Resilient When It Matters The Most

Adding joy to your years is awesome. But adding years to your joy is priceless. And that lesson is extremely relevant in this season of COVID impact and societal tension.

Being of "at-risk" age, Mark and Michelle had to make an informed decision on returning to the gym facility when we were able to reopen. Though we provide HomeFit programming, they said they knew they needed the Coaching and atmosphere of being in-person. And the bottom line for them is that they need their bodies to be more resilient than ever.

So, trusting the safety measures in place, they returned. And building resiliency is exactly what they're doing!!! Cholesterol is plummeting. Body fat is disappearing. Strength is climbing. Mobility and endurance are improving. In a time where masks are required for exercising and they have to put on their ski gear in the parking lot and hike to the mountain to teach numerous lessons, Mark and Michelle are able to tackle it head on. And the data suggests that they're also preparing their bodies to fight off the impact of a viral infection if they were to come in contact with one.

Oh, and she can open that pickle jar...

What We Can Learn

We can all take away a few lessons from Mark and Michelle's journey that would have positive impacts on our own health. First, they are very aware of their health "why." They understand what motivates their pursuit. Second, they are consistent. It takes a truly unavoidable conflict to derail them. Third, they check their ego at the door, but they also don't run from a solid, daily challenge. Fourth, they listen to their bodies and the intended stimulus. If the prescribed calories on the Assault Bike are intended to take 1:00, then they move on at 1:00 and keep rolling. Finally, they allow themselves to celebrate small health wins, both in the gym and through transfer to daily life outside the gym.

May we all apply these lessons to our own journey.

If you know you want to kick off the journey toward controlling your health and aren't sure how to begin, click the button below to book a free No Sweat Intro today. 20 minutes of conversation can be exactly what you need to begin the pursuit of success!!! You just need to start.

To your success,

The REV5 Fitness Team

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