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I’m trying to limit my posting lately so you don’t become “denotified” by too many alerts from me. So, today was scheduled to be an educational post inside our Private Member's Page to share the podcast done with Dr Ben Parker, which is below, and to provide a new resource to you. But, with the news of gyms being in the first wave to return, I want to get some info proactively to you while I am in front of you. There’s 3 key updates. So please read and click all the way to the end. I’ll put it in an email, too, just to ensure that I’ve covered all channels‼️

The first week of April, I introduced the pyramid shown below. The point of it is to use this downtime to talk about restructuring how we - as athletes - prioritize the focus we give to each area of the hierarchy. Michelle talked about recovery. This week, Dr Parker joined to talk about pain and compensating for weaknesses, imbalances, and/or poor mobility. He did an awesome job! Listen below.


Following up on the pyramid, we’ve built an Online Studio to house the content we are making and will continue to make. It’s like a Netflix for fitness content. There’s a quick video of it below. Included in that studio is access to Recovery Yoga videos created by Rachel Cheshier. These are super helpful after a WOD and are better than the recommendations I included in last week’s videos‼️ Members, subscribe for free below. 


Now, re-entry from the COVID19 closure. We “could” be allowed to return on April 30th. We won’t. Regardless, I want to keep you in the loop of the proactive steps we will be taking upon reopening, regardless of government mandate.

The reality is that the majority of our members will wrestle with uncertainty about walking back into a building and/or won’t have the ability due to scheduling conflicts at first. Therefore, the Online Studio will continue even after we return to Barbell and Assault Bike WODs. The category heading is HomeFit when you create a subscription and is what we’ve been doing for the past several weeks.

We will also add some proactive safety protocols, which you can find in the link below. This is a very rough outline, but informative nonetheless. Things like individual chalk and RSVPs and designated spaces just make sense in ensuring your safety and piece of mind. Much of this is up in the air, but this is where we are right now. Thank you for continuing your journey with us. And, remember, we’ve got this TOGETHER


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