Local Pottery Fundraiser

If you've been in the local CrossFit community for any number of years, then you've likely seen a coffee mug from Kind Pots. All of our mugs, as well as the variety of mugs that have been in our coffee lounge, have all been hand-made by Debra. And, in light of the impact COVID19 has had on us, Debra stepped up with a box full of some more R55F mugs!

These mugs have been donated with the intent to help us with expenses during this temporary closure. She even created a brand new one! They are $25 per mug, which covers the cost of the processing fees and then donates roughly $20 to R55F.

At this time, we have five (5) of the green mugs with the red Wax Seal logo and one (1) of the new, tall, white mugs with a LW|OB inspired blue Wax Seal logo. She can make more, but this is what we have in hand. Obviously something this beatiful isn't made in an hour!

If you'd like to claim one of them, the supply is limited, for now. So, we'll open up first-come-first-serve at 8:00am tomorrow (Tuesday 04/07) in the Member's Page of Facebook. You'll need to have a card on file in Triib. And, if you miss out on this run, you can call Waitlist for whichever you prefer. I'll bring them to your house (and set them in the driveway lol).

This won't cover rent. We know that. Dooze knows that. But this is a perfect example of what it's like to be part of a community that transcends beyond four walls of a building AND is founded on local people using their individual gifts for extraordinary outcomes!


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