It's will be less difficult, but it will take longer...

"Things are often less difficult than we think , but will take longer than we think they'll take"

This quote from Precision Nutrition is something that I remind myself of at least a few times a week. It's the reality for so many things in life, and general health, physique, and performance goals are no different.

The actions needed to be healthier, lose fat, and gain muscle are actually pretty simple. But the process often gets overcomplicated because people either aren't willing to put in the time or don't realize how much time it can take.

So what can we do with this realization?

1. Acknowledge that achieving what we want my take time. Simply identifying this *before* we're ready to give up can help us push though when things get tough or we start to feel behind.

2. Make the process sustainable. Ditch the quick fixes and find an approach that sets you up for long term success. Turn realistic, doable actions into habits. Seeks out accountability to stay on track.

3. Get clear on your "Why" and commit. Your reason for achieving what you want must be greater than the temptations and obstacles you'll face along the way. Once it is greater - and you know exactly why it is - staying committed isn't nearly as difficult.

When it comes to your fitness, physique, and health, if you're feeling ready to commit but need help taking a sustainable approach, we're here for you!!

Which one of the above do you need to take action on - 1, 2, or 3, or all of the above? Let us know and lets start the commitment and accountability right now!