Is your instinct to take what you can NOW?

A while back, I was talking with a friend about the infamous Myers-Briggs personality test. And I remember one off-hand remark she made that reminded me why the world is so full of helplessly obese, unhealthy and low-energy "zombie-like" individuals.

What did she say? She said, "Most people are S's" S’s are the opposite of N’s in the Myers-Briggs.

They are people who simply cannot wrap their heads around any concept, idea, or possibility in a forward-thinking way. It has nothing to do with intelligence or experience, either. They simply aren’t “wired” for forward or long term, big picture thinking and companies use that against them. Take for example the food industry:

There's a reason why fast food joints and supermarkets predominantly sell low quality foods in colorful packaging, sweet drinks and eye-catching desserts - all of which are designed to delight the senses...

Because people buy them with less hesitation than cookies from girl scouts, or drinks from a kids lemonade stand.

And there's no surprise to it.

Most let emotions guide their choices - the here and now feelings of desire, hunger, heck - maybe even addiction. It's a primal instinct to take what you can NOW and not think about later. Short-term almost always wins over long-term. It's true in nutrition. It's true with working out. Learning. Even dating.

Because most people are S's and they focus on the here and now, instead of the bigger picture, and tomorrow's consequences of today's actions.

Take another example of S'ery:

I remember back in 2011, during my transition period from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a Paleo lifestyle, there were many friends who asked why bother? They were incapable of looking at my "lifestyle" as anything other than "weird" and even unnecessary. From their point of view I was being dramatic and maybe even foolish, exchanging convenience and more money for what they saw as mostly meat and veggies on my plate...

And they're not wrong. Why bother eating "healthy things" if you can whiff tostitos and pleasure the senses, without worrying about any silly diets...

It would definitely be easier, maybe even more pleasant, at least in the short term.

But that is the plight of the S, Great at "here & now" tasks - be it work assignments, or house and family duties - solving hot problems as soon as they arise.

But almost no foresight. Or strategically thinking ahead. Or being able to fully comprehend the future consequences of their current actions or inactions, even if they want to and intellectually know they should.

Again, it’s not an intelligence thing. It’s simply how an S sees the world.

Which brings me to the point of this whole Sha-bang:

I always knew there were certain people who were horrible customers for any health programs, dietary plans, and health foods, though I could not pin-point it. They are the same people who are so caught up in the moment currently with the economy, virus, etc they clearly cannot see the obvious bountiful harvest of opportunities such times always have historically created and are already creating now.

Those people are always, almost without exception, S’s in my experience.

It's not that they've done anything wrong, or that I'm glorifying N's, but when it comes to choosing a healthy lifestyle, one with conscious food choices, and well-thought-out plans of action, it's almost always the forward-thinker who actually applies them, and benefits from them.

One who can walk through the thick of it and never lose sight of his/her "why".

This is especially true for people who take advantage of our Whole Health Program.

Where long term thinking and ignoring mainstream food choices is absolutely required. Mixing, matching, and experimenting with new and unfamiliar recipes consisting mostly of Whole-Food Based ingredients, is not something an S would easily come to terms with.

But those that understand the "why" of choosing wisely today, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor tomorrow, are also those which can benefit from this program mightily.

But enough of this.

If you're an "N" who wants to learn more about our Whole Health Program, head to our website. If you like what you see then schedule a Free No Sweat Intro for more information on how we can help you reach your goals.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

-Coach Ashley

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