Is This Just The Warm-Up?

Since re-opening from the COVID shutdown, we've heard many of you ask this question. Dripping with sweat and breathing heavily, you've asked aloud how you're going to get through the ACTUAL workout if this is just the warm-up. But you can give yourself some grace. What you're experiencing is not a reflection of your fitness post-COVID, it's a change in how we approach your class experience.

Let me explain.

With the shift to becoming a founding NCFIT Partner and to coaching you toward the "feel" of the day's prescription, there's a need to put our money where our mouth is (proverbially). We can't say that the workouts are completely adaptable and bring you into the decision-making space of how you should attack a workout and not give you an appropriate amount of teaching/practicing. In the past, it would've been commong to warm you up by practicing the movements and then have you do the prescribed movement light enough to not get hurt once the workout began. Those days are gone, thankfully.

However, we have to ensure that you're ready to make the best decision for you before the clock starts. Part of that comes in us now scripting ahead of time the movement adjustments for every single workout. Part of that comes in us increasing our teaching time. But, part of that comes with the initial General Warm-up.

What's the purpose of the General Warm-up?

After leaving you rivoted by our introductory explanation of the day's structure and intended stimulus, we need your body to be ready to practice the movements. Therefore, the General Warm-up serves 4 basic benefits:

  1. Elevate the core temperature

  2. Elevate the heartrate

  3. Take the body through basic movements that relate to the day at hand

  4. Give the Coach an opportunity to spot imbalances, injuries, or range of motion concerns

So, yes, the warm-ups might be slightly tougher than you remember. But, it's all for your safety and class experience. It's to allow more time to teach you and help you settle in our your appropriate movement adjustment for the day. Let's continue to #livebetter together!!!

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