Is Nutrition or Training More Important

The least important question, that gets asked far too frequently...

What's more important when losing weight - diet or training?

Why are we even trying to decide?! That's the real question...

Some will say it's 80/20, diet/training, and in some scenarios I'd agree.

Others will flip those around and again, in some scenarios I'd agree.

This is why it's important to understand what individualization means and how it influences the decisions you'll make (can read more about that in this article).

For someone who is competing in Olympic Lifting... do we really need to say what's more important? Training, clearly.

For someone who is trying to lose weight for the first time... nutrition, obviously.

For someone involved in Functional Fitness.... ok, now we're getting specific.

Because this individual is really 50/50.

They need proper nutrition to fuel training, help them recovery adequately, and avoid over-stressing the physiological systems.

But if they don't apply that training stress, no adaptation occurs and then guess what? They will not improve in Functional Fitness.

So what about YOU? Maybe you're someone who does have a fat loss goal, but you also don't want to be skinny-fat... right?

Maybe you're after a leaner physique, one that looks athletic and as though you actually lift.

Maybe you want your SITS (Subscapularis, Infraspinatus, Teres minor, & Supraspinatus muscles) to rest over your dense shoulders and upper back, letting people know you've played with the barbell (we all know what that looks like).

Maybe you just want health and confidence, which does require less fat and more muscle tissue. Well then we're in the same exact boat as the Functional Fitness athlete!

Training provides a stress for adaptation to occur.

That adaptation process is the process of changing our body.

But without recovery, from a good nutrition protocol, we cannot adapt (at least not consistently).

We also can't fuel hard training, which is required.

But again, you can eat as healthy as you want with the perfect macro ratio... but if you don't train at all, good luck transforming your physique.

So here's my point... Stop choosing sides.

They're equally important and you should equally invest in them.

And rather than trying to determine which is more important, consider which is more important for you to focus on.

The reason I say it that way, is because we all have one side that's easier than the other. Can easily diet, but getting to the gym is hard. Can easily train, but sticking to a diet is tough. WE GET IT.

It takes work, patience, and structure in order to achieve easy success in both (but it's possible, I know it personally and have seen it with plenty of committed clients).

It's ok either way.

Find help. Do research. Commit to both but prioritize the tough one, for you.

Either way, Rev5 Fitness can help you. Check out our website for more info and click the button to schedule a Free No Sweat Intro.

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