"I Can't Wait to Grow Up!"

"I wanna be an adult!"

Said every kid ever, fawning over their fantasy to have no one to boss them around. Control their day. Guide where they go and what they do...

But if this "fantasy" was ever realized, and one day the kid wakes up to be an adult, free from the tyranny of Parents or Caretakers... I think it's predictable what would happen:

They'd indulge in pleasantries without limit.

Eat as much candy as they could.

Spend all their pocket money on cool toys they always wanted.

Borrow next week's pocket money.

Watch TV and play games all day.

And stay as far away from the evil scheming vegetables as possible.

Looking at that description, however... it would seem many adults are just kids in grown ups clothing.

And unfortunately for them, after the rush of fun and excitement of fulfilling a childhood fantasy, this type of meaningless, dopamine driven existence proves to be inauspiciously shallow... and sooner or later leads to boredom, dissatisfaction and is followed closely by mental problems not unlike depression.

Even more unfortunate — This realization usually doesn't come until after they left themselves feeling like shells of their former selves.


The idea of Freedom for many people is skewed... because freedom is not the ability to cram as much pleasure as possible into your day... that's called addiction. Dopamine addiction to be exact.

True freedom is the ability to choose your responsibilities and administer your own self-discipline to take care of them.

This is why, for example, eating a store bought cake is never as satisfying as cooking a healthy, delicious meal and eating it with family.

The shallow joys of empty consumerism pale in comparison to living a meaningful existence. Having something to work towards, and earning true joy from the fruits of honest labor.

Few get this. Even fewer apply this. And that's why very few are ever truly free.

But it all starts with a decision.

The choice to either partake in this dopamine infested madness, seeking pleasure like a manchild and cry when something doesn't go your way...

Or choose real freedom consisting of health, conscious eating, meaningful work and self-discipline.

This latter is something you can develop for yourself by joining our Rev5 Health Coaching Program.

As any success you see, any health improvements you experience and lifestyle adjustments you make will all be the result of Your consistency and decisions.


Any failure will also be the result of Your consistency and decisions (or lack thereof)...

But such is the life of freedom, and ownership over fate - You decide if you win or fail.

And you also decide if living a healthy, energetic and fulfilling life is something you want to experience...

That decision, however, can be made by Scheduling a Free No Sweat Intro by clicking the red button below. Or if you're not quite sure yet, head to our website www.revfive5fitness.com to learn more about Rev5 and all that we offer.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Coach Ashley

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