How To Succeed With Your Health in 2021

The answer is simple. In fact, the answer is to S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y. And that's exactly what we're doing to kick off 2021.

Instead of making resolutions to lose the arbitrary 10 pounds or log our macros for 365 days or "be a better me" in 2021, we are stripping it all down and focusing on establishing a handful of positive habits. Our mission is to implement habits that are winnable and improve our health immediately but also are sustainable for the long term. And, if we do it right, they'll lay the foundation for more positive habits in the future, too.

Today's blog helps you understand the steps we are taking to guide you AND come alongside you to kick off the year on a positive note. Our goal is to help you be successful in controlling your long term health this year. And we believe we can do that if we #habitbetter

REV5 Fitness Podcast : Episode 28 - Habit Better ft. Ashley & Michelle

We decided to begin 2021 with a 3-part conversation between Ash, Michelle, and Derrick. The purpose behind these episodes was to pump as much information into the first month of the year as possible AND to do it from an intimate understanding of our members and their repsective journeys. If we intertwine the in-class messaging, the social messaging, the Habit Better Challenge (below), and the information in the podcasts, then you have everything at your fingertips to be successful in taking control of your health journey.

Episode 28 focused on habits (huge shock). We explain what habits are, why they're important, and provide numerous examples of good AND bad habits. We also talk about how and when to add more habits into your rhythm through a process called Habit Stacking. Don't miss out on this information-packed episode. A quick sound byte is in the video above. Click below for the full episode.

(PS - Ashley also recommends reading Better Than Before and going to the author's website for a "Four Tendencies" quiz)

The #HabitBetter Challenge

You've found the motivation to improve your health in 2021. We've committed our podcast and research to your pursuit. Now comes the mechanism for implementing the first positive steps. For us, that's the Habit Better Challenge.

The challenge officially launched this week. We suggested that participants identify habits around 1) veggies, 2) protein, 3) sleep, and 4) mindset. However, these are just suggestions. The point of the challenge is to learn how to effectively implement habits into your routine and for you to have the ability to identify the proper habits for YOUR success. We've provided a really cool habit tracker as a roadmap for your month and are doing the challenge alongside you. All you need to do is customize it to your journey and then make a post at least once each week - tagging us - to let the community know how you're doing with your challenge. Some have written it on paper and hung it at the gym, some at home, and some have a digital tracker to update daily on social media.

Even if you're late to the party, you can download the habit tracker below and jump in with us. Just identify the habits that are best for YOUR health pursuit and get the pic posted on social so we can participate with you! Don't forget to tag #habitbetter when you post.

Leveling Up Our Health Education Value

You've found the motivation. We've committed our podcast and research to your pursuit. We've hopped in the water together to incorporate positive habits into our routines with the Habit Better Challenge.

But we didn't stop there.

We've committed the month to leveling up the value we provide you when it comes to your actual health IQ.

For each week of the challenge, we're providing you with an IGTV video that elaborates on the importance of the given habit and/or tips. For example, Ashley toured the grocery store and provided some super simple tips on healthy shopping. If you want to see that video or any of our other informational videos, click below to access our IGTV channel on Instagram.

Providing You The Tools

Just in case the motivation, the podcasts, the challenge, and the IGTV videos aren't enough to help you be successful in controlling your health this year, we've got one final tool for you.

Whether you're an in-person member or a HomeFit trooper, our REV5 Health Plan will allow you to breathe life to the real "why" for chasing your health.  It will give you guidance into stating your goals and action items.  And it will allow you to track your progress across 2021.  

The fitness test that's provided is not only named better than any other workout (Baseline), but it comes with lots of data for comparison.  It also allows you to progress by improving on aerobic capacity, technique, strength capacity, or gymnastics.  We actually encourage you to test it each quarter!!! And, if you don't know the biometric information at the beginning, you can get it from Derrick or Ashley for $20 cash (and a predetermined time, of course).  

We believe tracking this information - in addition to honing these positive habits - will set you up for success in controlling your health in 2021. In-person or at-home.  And we hope you'll take advantage of it.  You can download the sheet by clicking the link below.  And - if you're testing "Baseline" at home, shoot us a message for good movement adjustments.

We had 12 months to learn valuable lessons in 2020. It wasn't a wash. But, now, we have 365 new opportunities to take control of our health in 2021!!! Thank you for realizing your resiliency. Thank you for representing what it means to be RevFit. And, thank you for inviting REV5 Fitness alongside you in your journey.

If you know you're ready to become part of the RevFit fam in some way, click the button below to book a free No Sweat Intro today. 20 minutes of conversation can be exactly what you need to invite us alongside you in the journey toward controlling your long term health!!! 2021 is OUR year!!!

To your success,

The REV5 Fitness Team

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