How STUDIO Will Pave The Way To Our Successful Re-Entry

When the Governor lifts the restrictions on "Phase 2" businesses, will it truly be time to return? Will YOU feel comfortable returning? Will your friends finally be ready to use gaining the Covid 19 as justification to join you? Regardless of the answer, it's our responsibility to be ready to serve with the same expert product that we did before, guiding your motivation down a path that allows you to be in control of your long term health. Maybe even provide more...

On this episode of the R55F Member Insider podcast, Derrick is joined by Joe Tebaldi, founder of Flexx and their new product STUDIO. Joe explains how STUDIO began as a bandaid but actually offers a great deal of potential to our community when it comes to exercising on the go or from home, feeling comfortable in the decisions we are making, and adding value to our current memberships with increased variety.

If you believe in investing in your health, then this is worth your time to listen. Here is a link to the podcast on Spotify and Apple. We're almost there fam, keep pressing forward!

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