How Do I Know When I'm Fit Enough?

When you started considering an investment in your health, you undoubtedly thought about your "why" or your "goals" or maybe even your "problem."

I need to be in better shape to play with my kids. I'd like to be a little stronger. I'm exhausted all of the time and would love to have more energy.

Sound familiar?

But, all too often, the motivations that convinced you to sign the contract and pay the money toward your long term health can get replaced with metrics, tangible checklist accomplishments.

I want to Squat 300 lbs. I want to Clean 150 lbs. I want 6-pack abs. I want 10% body fat.

Suddenly, the pursuit of health becomes the pursuit of PRs. And that slippery slope can have serious negative effects on your body, mind, motivation, and success.

Now, don't get me wrong. The Coaches L-O-V-E seeing you hit a PR. We love celebrating with you when you accomplish something new. But when are you fit enough?

What Is "Fit?"

Iceland's "Thor" has won the Arnold Classic the past 3 years and can deadlift over 1,000 lbs, carry a 1,400 lbs log, and needs nearly 10,000 calories everyday to stay fueled. Is he fit?

Allyson Felix is a 9-time Olympic medalist and runs 400m in 51.94 seconds. Oh, she's also a mom. Is she fit?

How do we define "fit?" Simply. REVfit.

The "R" stands for relentlessly pursuing a better version of yourself. The "E" stands for excluding the exclusive. And the "V" stands for valuing the entire journey.

But, one final component of our definintion, is that the fitness should be functional. By that we mean practical, useful, having a special purpose, rather than just attractive.

Sound too vague or theoretical? Read on.

What Is Fit Enough?

When can you confidently say you are fit enough?

With the above definition in mind, the answer is that you're already there AND that you'll never be there...

Stay with me.

If you are relentlessly pursuing a better version of yourself, then you'll never be fit enough. When we do No Sweat Intros, we don't talk about helping you relentlessly pursue a higher Deadlift PR. But we do talk about what problem(s) in your life caused you to lose control of your long term health. Then, we establish goals and action steps. We expect you to, eventually, be successful in attaining those, but we believe that you will continue to develop new long term goals to pursue along the way.

We also believe that your pursuit should be functional, not sport and not theoretical. The strengths and skills that you develop should directly translate into practical life purpose. Can you move an appliance into your house without passing out or damaging the appliance (or yourself)? That's functional fitness. On the other hand, how many times have you found yourself in the full depth position of a squat and on one leg with the need to stand all the way back up? Not likely. That's why we don't do a lot of pistols. But, how often do you find yourself walking up steps carrying bags of groceries or a kid? That's why we do Box Step-Ups. In this context, you should see positive change that would indicate improved fitness, but you'd never want to settle for being just functional enough. And this perspective serves to avoid destroying your body and mind over a tangible metric.

(Which also often leads to more willingness to strip off some weight and learn to move better without the pressure of a PR...)

Valuing The Entire Journey

So if that's why you'll never be fit enough, how can I also say that you're already fit enough?

The final element of being REVfit is that you MUST value the ENTIRE journey. Start where you are. Always strive to be functionally better for your long term health and for those in your life. But don't discard all of the days, months, and years in between. No great story only had a first and last page, and your health story is no different!

If you're on your individual journey, constantly pursuing the best version of a fuctional you, and valuing each step of the path, then you are already fit enough. So, there's no need to beat yourself up for not being good enough to keep moving forward. There's no reason to not successfully take back control of your body and health.


If you happen to be reading this and are not yet on the journey toward taking back control of your long term health, then now's the best time to start. Book a free No Sweat Intro to discuss with us what unique problem(s) are standing in your way, customize your plan to take your health back, and how we can help you be accountable to the pursuit.

(Photo cred to Andy Toms Photography)

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