Halfway Toward REAL Change!!!

A Challenge Has Never Felt This Good!!!


We are officially at the halfway point of the #HABITBETTER challenge. Whether you chose to tackle ONE habit or THREE, you made the choice. You chose to do just enough to spark real change, and not so much that you are counting the days for the challenge to end.

You feel confident that you’ll be able to BUILD on this challenge and make even more progress in February, instead of taking a step back! That is REAL CHANGE and it is something to be proud of.


Let this email serve as a reminder that the habits you TRAIN are the habits you GAIN.

FEELING REALLY GOOD? Do you feel that the habits you’ve been working on are already sticking? AMAZING! If the #HABITBETTER challenge is already feeling like it isn’t challenging you the right amount, it may be time to HABIT STACK! Pick another area to focus on and add that to your habit tracker for the next two weeks.

If you still feel like what you committed to at the beginning of the challenge is pushing you outside of your comfort zone, that is OK too! Stay consistent for the next two weeks and remember… CONSISTENCY is better than PERFECTION.


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