Everything You Need For Hump Day! 3-2-1-Go!

EPISODE 26 - Behind The Mask : Interview with Markell Clark

In case you missed it yesterday...

In one of the rawest episode conversations to date, Derrick sits down (virtually) with Markell Clark, a scholarship participant in our Apprenticeship Program. Even at such a young age, Markell unloads from the heart on carrying a champion mindset from childhood, dreams of finding the right collegiate program to help him pursue his dreams of winning and a shot at the NFL, and then opens up about the stigma surrounding mental health in high-level athletics. This is worth every second!!!

Above is a quick soundbyte from Markell. You can listen to the full episode on Spotify and Apple. Click the button below to start listening!!!

3-2-1- Go Weigh Your Options!

We know that stepping in the gym is tough right now. There's weather, holiday craziness, stress, and COVID!!!!!!!

So we provide at-home options for our community. Above is an example of one of the workouts. Set aside 20 minutes of your day and give it a shot!!! Click the button below for workout tips and movement adjustments. Make sure you post and tag us!!!

Looking for more workouts like this? (You know you are) Click HERE to learn more about our HomeFit program. We offer full-length On Demand workouts, complete with demonstrations, modifications, warm-up, and access to a Coach for assistance. And, if you sign up before New Years, you get a FREE virtual goal-setting session with a Coach!

The "White Belt Mentality"

Coach Ashley takes her NASM Person Trainer's Certification exam today and will be going for her Movement Specialist Certification soon after. She already has completed the CrossFit L-1 and is a USA Weightlifting L-2 Sports Performance Coach. Oh, and she also has her Precision Nutrition L-1. Is that same vein, Charles Merritt completed his CrossFit L-1 last weekend, and Macel Reising just a few weeks back.

Yet, it's that mentality that we need to constantly be learning that drives our staff. That's why we have been embarking on a "turning pro" mindset shift course with the NCFIT team called ProDev 1.0. We've talked everything from attire to pre-class preparation to navigating the whiteboard. No matter the reps under our belts, we all aspire to be better for you, our family. You look to us for your health, and there's nothing more serious. So that's how we're approaching it!

To talk with a Coach about Personal Training, goals, or anything else on your mind, click the button below.


We think it’s fair to say that we have all dealt with a good amount of stress so far in 2020. So this Holiday season, let us take care of everything for a change.

Here at REV5 Fitness, we can make gift giving just a bit easier. And the best part - it might just be the most impactful gift you ever give.

Fitness, Community, and Health. That is what you can stuff the stockings with this year.

At REV5 Fitness, we change lives. We support our members so that they can TRAIN TODAY in order to #LiveBetter tomorrow. Safe, effective, and fun workouts delivered by our team of world class trainers...in-person or fully remote.

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We hope you have a wonderful Hump Day and that we can add some value to it!!! If you know you're ready to become part of the RevFit fam in some way, click HERE to book a free No Sweat Intro today. 20 minutes of conversation can be exactly what you need to invite us alongside you in the journey toward controlling your long term health!!!

To your success,

The REV5 Fitness Team

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