Everyone Wants to Save the Earth but No One Wants to Take Out the Trash

There's been a lot of frustration brewing around America these past few months.

And whatever your outlook or opinion is on the situation, it's easy to feel hate, sadness, anger, stress or worry... a lot of negative emotions towards others and their actions.

As folk set their eyes on "fixing" everything wrong with our world...

Becoming emotional about things that never concerned them,

And worrying about problems they can't possibly resolve. Thinking that's the "best" way to help. 

But it's not.

If you want to make a positive impact on this world, remember that you have the power to do that - through the little things...

The proverbial "help mom do the dishes":

* Pick up that plastic bag you saw flopping about the neighborhood

* Help your kids or relatives with something they've been struggling with

* Compliment someone on their actions or appearance

You have the power to make someone's day better. And the world becomes a great place when we choose to make it so.

Or best yet - Help Yourself.

Because the greatest source of stress in life is worrying about what you can't control.

And the greatest source of tragedy is ignoring what you can.

Things like your health, wellbeing, relationships and your future - all things you can change starting now, which will bring far more happiness and fulfillment to life than getting angry, or worried that person x said y about z...

Because there is no greater tragedy than willfully handicapping your own self, your enjoyment of life, because there are "more important" problems you feel obliged to *solve* in the world...

Fix the one thing that matters - Yourself. And you'll have done more good for the world than most. A future where you take care of yourself - Your health, happiness and fulfillment?

Well, it's a future I'd bet my bucks on. And so should you:

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