Body of Energy

Your body is an exquisitely engineered energy-driven, energy-managed system. Don't think so? Try being dead. That's no energy (well sort of). Doesn't feel so good.

Your body is not parts just stuck together. The same parts are still there when you're dead. It's what's in the part. Or more accurately, the level of what's in the parts. Dead means super-duper low energy...transferred and transformed energy.

Energy itself is never gone, it simple changes form. Conservation of energy is called a law because this rule is true in all known cases. Although in many instances it may appear that energy is gained or lost, it is really only changed in form.

Albert Einstein once said, "Energy is all there is. " I think we all can agree that guy was pretty dang smart. :-)

So my point here is, Do things that give you more energy. I'll even help and give you some ideas...

  1. Nature

  2. Have Positive/good thoughts

  3. Surround yourself with positive/good people

  4. love

  5. Sunlight

  6. Clean water

  7. Nutrient Rich Food

  8. Pets/Animals

  9. Work that inspires you

  10. Movement/Exercise

  11. Good/enough sleep

  12. Hugs

And stop doing the energy sucking things in life. That usually helps you feel better. What are some you ask? The opposite of the lists of things above.

Most of the time you feel better because of the stuff you stop doing more than the stuff you start doing. The reason being, when you stop something you are actually starting something simultaneously.

What are some of the things that give you energy? What are some habits/stuff that you know you should drop in order to gain more energy?

-Coach Ashley