A Virtual Hug

I'm reaching out today with a virtual hug.

There's so much stress and worry happening.

You're probably feeling it.

I see and feel you.

You're not alone. Not in the least.


Please be sure to rest when you need it.

I've gotta level with you as gently but firmly as possible:

We do not build emotional, mental, and physical resilience by pushing through fatigue, constantly smashing ourselves with intense workouts, or intentionally withholding food.

Sometimes these are our coping mechanisms, no doubt.

I'm here to encourage you to check in with and take care of yourself.

💆Calm your nervous system.

👥Reach out to your supports.

📞Call your therapist or talk to someone you trust.

✨Curl up with a cozy blanket.

😢Cry if you need to.

❤️Lay still for a few minutes with your hand on your heart.

🐱🐶Pet a dog or cat.

👨‍❤️‍👨Hug a loved one.

🌅Look at the sky.

🍲Eat a warm meal.

💗Talk kindly to yourself.

💁Gently stroke your own hair or face.


Please take care of yourself.

Your mental and emotional health are so incredibly important.

With love and care...

-Coach Ashley

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