2020 A Look Back...And A Thankful Look Forward!!!

2020 Let You Shine...

As our FIFTH year comes to a close, it's important to take a long look back...and take a focused look ahead.

We worked hard with you coming into 2020 to dial in your goals and take control of your long term health. And, together, we were crushing it! Not only were so many of you nailing your attendance and PRs, but there was a point where more than 25 of you were also a Health Coaching client, as well.

Then it happened. The world shut down.

We were closed for 82 days. We learned to modify movements to odd objects and random weights in parking lots. We've reopened for 200 days, now, but it's been with taped squares and masks. We even had 5 individual confirmed exposures to COVID19.

But all of that simply allowed your amazing resiliency to shine!!! None of those 5 cases were contracted at REV5. None of those 5 cases resulted in spread. In fact, nearly triple that number of you sat out at one point or another to show care for your family.

You also continue to work your butt off, despite the limitations. We've got HomeFit rolling now. We've got awesome in-person classes going strong. Adam and Hellbender Barbell brought home hardware on the (virtual) national stage. And Ashley's Health Coaching program continues to become more prestigous.

The top 30 attendees of the year consists of some familar faces from last year. Though, 14 of you broke into the top for the first time: Blythe, Ben, Julia, Jess, Martha, Michelle & Mark, Macel, Kyle, Jesse, Sierra, Audrey, Erika, and Emily S. Just as exciting is the fact that 8 of you have been in the top 30 for THREE YEARS STRAIGHT: Josh A, Josh H, Charlotte, Mike, Emily R, Jamie, and Kirstin. And, remembering that we were closed for 82 days, 20 of you still logged more than 100 workouts with us!!!

We are so proud of our amazing, resilient, RevFit community. Thank you for continuing to fight for your health. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. And please take 1 minute to listen to a word from Derrick via the link below.

NCFIT Founding Partner...

Separating from CrossFit was scary. It was risky. It was unpopular.

It was also a no-brainer!!!

All of the reasons that led to the decision to deaffiliate from CrossFit also led to the decision to accept the personal invitation to become a Founding Partner with Jason Khalipa and NCFIT.

This huge move has been amazing in our first year. We have completed 2 Professional Development courses with them, already. We have monthly calls with Jason and the NCFIT team. They helped us create an Apprenticeship Program, which was piloted by Mace, Charles, and Markell. They have helped us increase your awareness about hitting a daily workout with the appropriate intensity and movement adjustments. Oh, yeah, the workouts aren't bad, either!

But the white glove service has been spot on and authentic. If you'd like to hear more about the vision of the partnership from Khalipa himself, check out the podcast with Derrick via the link below.

Connected From Anywhere...

When the world shut down in March, we pivoted to providing online programming.  

We also had NO IDEA what we were doing.

But, as time has passed, we've honed the craft.  We now provide a fully-remote HomeFit deliverable that is full-length and on demand.  In other words, members get a full class experience AND get to workout with someone!!!

On 12/23, we cut our teeth with a LIVE full-length HomeFit class! 

It was amazing.  The participants did so well.  We learned a lot.  And we now know that we can provide this on the regular.  Did someone say snow day?!?!

If you'd like to know more about our HomeFit program, click the link below.

2020 Version of Holiday Celebrations...

Mask mandates and 10 person limits didn't make for many exciting options for an end of the year holiday gathering like last year. But, you didn't let that stop you!!!

We had the "12 Days of Christmas" workout NCFIT style. We had festive cupcakes by the one and only Choice Cakes. And we had a beautful holiday selfie station constructed by our elves.

Though things aren't "normal" this year, the RevFit fam never missed a beat!!!

Our hat's off to you. Thank you for being amazing and making the most of our safe options this year.

To learn more about the in-person fitness classes, click the button below.

Take Control of Your Health in 2021...

And let us be your guide.

This is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean.  You get to roar aloud that you WILL own your health in 2021.  And we want to help you be successful.

So, whether you're an in-person member or a HomeFit trooper, we've got a gift for you.  Our REV5 Health Plan will allow you to breathe life to the real "why" for chasing your health.  It will give you guidance into stating your goals and action items.  And it will allow you to track your progress across 2021.  

The fitness test that's provided is not only named better than any other workout (Baseline), but it comes with lots of data for comparison.  It also allows you to progress by improving on aerobic capacity, technique, strength capacity, or gymnastics.  We actually encourage you to test it each quarter!!! And, if you don't know the biometric information at the beginning, you can get it from Derrick or Ashley for $20 cash (and a predetermined time, of course).  

We also have a "Habit Better" free January challenge launching at the New Year!!!

We believe tracking this information and honing these habits will set you up for success in controlling your health in 2021. In-person or at-home.  And we hope you'll take advantage of it.  You can download the sheet by clicking the link below.  And - if you're testing "Baseline" at home, shoot us a message for good movement adjustments.

Thank you for making a sub-par year be so memorable. Thank you for realizing your resiliency. Thank you for representing what it means to be RevFit. And, thank you for inviting REV5 Fitness alongside you in your journey.

If you know you're ready to become part of the RevFit fam in some way, click HERE to book a free No Sweat Intro today. 20 minutes of conversation can be exactly what you need to invite us alongside you in the journey toward controlling your long term health!!! 2021 is OUR year!!!

To your success,

The REV5 Fitness Team

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