Shattered Expectations and Being a Guinea Pig

Four weeks ago, I agreed to be the test subject for our upcoming nutrition program at RevFive5 Fitness. To begin this blog in complete honesty, I didn't have extremely high expectations. Don't get me wrong, I fully believe in the partnership with the Registered Dietitian at Healthy Steps Nutrition. And, I had undergone the months of training alongside Ashley Haass, our General Manager and to-be Nutrition Coach. I knew the product was sound, as is her ability to lead it.

But, I'm the owner of the gym. Ya know? I already understand nutrition pretty decently. I avoid sugar, bread, and dairy. And my initial biometric scan had me at 14.4% body fat. Not too bad.

Realistically, I didn't expect a noticeable difference from being Ashley's practice subject.

Turns out that I was very wrong...

What I have experienced in only 4 weeks of nutrition coaching excites me for those who will be participating after me!!! Simply by having Ashley to keep me accountable through routine check-ins via the HSN app and prescribing a more appropriate target number of calories/macros than what I was eating, I dropped 1.6% body fat and 2.2 lbs! More importantly, I gained energy during my daily workouts, which has helped me push a little harder and recover better afterwards.

To reiterate, Ashley's help allowed me to EAT MORE and LOSE WEIGHT and BODY FAT, while GAINING ENERGY!

The attached comparison photo was taken 4 weeks apart. It's important to understand a few things about the pictures. First, I'm 35 years old with 4 children, a highly-stressful daily life, and an extremely limited grocery budget. Second, I have 14 holes in my abdomen from various surgeries over the past 3 years; some things just won't be like they once were. But, third, I am ONE POUND HEAVIER of lean body weight at the lower body fat and have much more energy!

If these simple coaching strategies produced these results for me, then Ashley and the Rev5 Nutrition Program can definitely work for you. Check out our website or the link in our Instagram profile to book a Free No-Sweat Intro with her and start your own journey toward a more complete overall health and fitness.


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