R55F From A Weightlifter’s Perspective

When I first met Kayla at the gym, I immediately assumed she was there to try out a CrossFit class or inquire about QuickFit. She smiled at me, signed in at the kiosk, and then slid her weightlifting shoes out of her bag. My jaw has to have visibly hit the floor!!! Shame on me, right?!?! See, what I underestimated was the interest in today’s college-age population for Olympic Weightlifting. And, if not for the intentional decision to provide a place for this type of training, I would have missed out on the chance to get to know Kayla, the Mountaineer Weightlifting Club, and the Hellbender Barbell Club!!! I also would’ve missed out on the chance to celebrate personal victories with many of them already. In order to convey the sport of Weightlifting and R55F through the perspective of a Weightlifter, I asked for Kayla’s input. Here’s what she had to say: “What I love about weightlifting is that it has a way of making great days greater, and bad days better. Always! A while back, I reached a point in my weightlifting journey where I was plateaued, I was super bored, and I became inconsistent lifting on my own. I decided to try something brand new and I joined Mountaineer Olympic Weightlifting Club. It turned out to be such a blessing! I started lifting with a group of individuals who not only provide excellent training and challenge me to push myself harder each day, but most importantly, they have become such genuine friends. They have inspired me to reach goals I didn’t think were possible and we have a lot of fun in the process. I’m super grateful to be surrounded by such outstanding people. The environment at R55F is wonderful! There’s no intimidation factor at all. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked up a barbell in your whole life or if you’ve been lifting 10+ years, everyone gets so excited to see each other’s improvements and I think that’s such an amazing thing in a gym. Once you’re there, you’re instantly a new friend. Not to mention the equipment, the space, and the jams are great too 😎” Check out the website to learn more about our various Weightlifting options and to get to know the people who make them special!!! #SomethingForEveryone #DontFitInButBelong #GirlsWhoLift  


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