Introduction: Josh, Ashley, & Derrick

🧩 Meet the pieces that form R55F 🧩 Throughout this week, we have been introducing you to our staff. At R55F, we aim to inspire people to do ordinary things in community in order to lead radical, healthy lives. That begins with a staff that understands the mission AND the member and has the training to join the two at an extraordinary level. Whether you’re 6 or 60, we want to walk with you toward the goal of being functionally fit to satisfy your daily roles as normal, real-life people. That means encouraging people to start wherever they are and being prepared to guide them safely forward on the path. One way we do that is by providing you with a staff that’s passionate about versatility. Josh Anderson and his family have been a part of R55F since the Spring of 2017. As a former marketing communications professional and current Community Life Pastor at The Heart church in Boone, Josh meets weekly with Derrick to ensure that organizational integrity remains in focus and accountable and to provide guidance on branding/messaging/marketing. Josh is also a Board member with Limits Without Borders and the original co-creator of MissionFit and the curriculum from when he led a group in conjunction with Wine To Water to the Amazon region on a well rehab service project after several weeks of Mission Fit training. With over 18 years of experience training others and immersed in learning about the body, Ashley Haass brings a breadth of versatility to our staff. Currently, she holds a CF-L1 and a USAW L1. She also serves as our General Manager. However, about a year ago, Ashley and Derrick began discussing her passion for nutrition coaching and how to better serve our community through that passion. And all of her hard work has paid off. We are proud to announce that Ashley will become R55F’s officially-licensed Nutrition Coach in the upcoming weeks and has committed herself to being available to the community for hands-on, personalized coaching!!! Our social media profiles have begun the shift, and - in conjunction with Josh’s guidance - our website will soon follow! Then there’s me. My name is Derrick Lail. I am blessed by a large family of my wife (Jennifer) and 4 children (Peyton, Logan, Keegan, Morgan). I did some stuff back in the day in a former career that got me a cool windbreaker with some letters on the back. I got the chance to teach undergrads at 2 universities across a 6 year span. I got to support an awesome organization by serving in a local restaurant. And a humble lady once handed me an envelope with cash and told me to get a trainer’s certification under the promise that I would “use it to help others.” So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve had the pleasure of building a relationship with each of the amazing individuals introduced through this past week’s blogs. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the impact they have had on so many of you and catching a glimpse into the potential of the impact all of you, TOGETHER, can have in the future. More importantly, I’ve spent the past 5 years learning that individually we are ordinary...but, collectively, we are oh so radical! Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to our staff. We’d love the chance to come alongside you in your own journey. And we believe we are prepared for that walk. #StartWhereYouAre #Nutrition #Mentorship #Boone #SomethingForEveryone #IndividuallyOrdinaryCollectivelyRadical #DontFitInButBelong #Fitness  

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