Coach Introduction: Jill & Alex

🧩 Meet the pieces that form R55F 🧩 Throughout this week, we have been introducing you to our staff. At R55F, we aim to inspire people to do ordinary things in community in order to lead radical, healthy lives. That begins with a staff that understands the mission AND the member and has the training to join the two at an extraordinary level. Whether you’re 6 or 60, we want to walk with you toward the goal of being functionally fit to satisfy your daily roles as normal, real-life people. That means encouraging people to start wherever they are and being prepared to guide them safely forward on the path. One way we do that is by providing you with coaches that specialize in fitness from a perspective outside of CrossFit. Born in Oregon, Jill Hamilton worked as a Physical Therapy Aide for nearly a decade before deciding to become a personal trainer. Earning a NSCA CSCS and NASM PES, she brings more than 4 years of training experience to our staff. Jill is also one of our QuickFit coaches at RevFive5 Fitness. Rarely is she alone, though, as her husband and son are avid fitness lovers, as well. With a desire to show members that exercise, well-being, and pushing past their known limit can be fun, Jill and her family are a perfect fit for R55F. Born in Hong Kong, Alex Phillips is the Owner and Chief Instructor full time at Evolve Self-Defense & Krav Magahas, which is located at RevFive5 Fitness, and coaches the Thursday MittFit lunchtime combat cardio classes at R55F. Alex has been coaching Krav Maga for 7 years. Alex is a certified Krav Maga Instructor through four national Krav Maga federations and was the youngest Krav Maga Instructor in the country at 16 / youngest Krav Maga School Owner in the country at 19. Alex’s passion for coaching is centered around the people, the positivity, the unique approach to fighting, and the holistic approach to personal health that Evolve promotes, which is precisely inline with the R55F mission. Truly welcoming the local community to start wherever they are in their fitness means being able to offer quality instruction in a variety of realms. These coaches help us make that possible! #StartWhereYouAre #Krav #SelfDefense #PersonalTraining #Boone #SomethingForEveryone #IndividuallyOrdinaryCollectivelyRadical #DontFitInButBelong #Fitness  

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