Coach Introduction: Tricia & Jereme

🧩 Meet the pieces that form R55F 🧩 Throughout this week, we have been introducing you to our staff. At R55F, we aim to inspire people to do ordinary things in community in order to lead radical, healthy lives. That begins with a staff that understands the mission AND the member and has the training to join the two at an extraordinary level. Whether you’re 6 or 60, we want to walk with you toward the goal of being functionally fit to satisfy your daily roles as normal, real-life people. That means encouraging people to start wherever they are and being prepared to guide them safely forward on the path. One way we do that is by providing you with coaches that understand general physical preparedness as a path to living a functional, healthy life. Tricia Short spent 30 years immersed in health and wellness through her career in radiology. Then, in her late 40s, Tricia decided that she was ready to prove herself wrong and do something she knew she couldn’t do. Wanting to maintain general physical health and wellness, she started CrossFit. After five years of now doing CrossFit, Coach Tricia remains one of the fittest women in the gym and is awesome at offering variations to a given workout to keep the intended stimulus. More importantly, she often hikes with her beloved Scarlet before or after her sessions at the gym. Jereme Daniels has made it his career to serve people. With over 15 years in the fire service, he is currently a Captain at Boone Fire Department. He also happens to have his CF L2 certification and has been training athletes for the past 10 years. Also carrying that mindset of General Physical Preparedness (GPP), Coach Jereme writes the daily Seven Seals CrossFit program, which is intended to provide a high level of GPP and make our members better prepared to handle any of life’s daily obstacles. This is very important to him, since his daily role includes raising two very sweet little girls in addition to the FD and the gym. Regardless of your reason for exercising, these coaches understand general physical preparedness as a path to living a functional, healthy life and are excited to share that passion with our community. 

(And - yes - that’s Derrick on the ground beside Jereme lol) #StartWhereYouAre #GPP #GeneralPhysicalPreparedness #Boone #SomethingForEveryone #IndividuallyOrdinaryCollectivelyRadical #DontFitInButBelong #Fitness  

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