Coach Introduction: Derek & Adam

🧩 Meet the pieces that form R55F 🧩 Throughout this week, we have been introducing you to our staff. At R55F, we aim to inspire people to do ordinary things in community in order to lead radical, healthy lives. That begins with a staff that understands the mission AND the member and has the training to join the two at an extraordinary level. Whether you’re 6 or 60, we want to walk with you toward the goal of being functionally fit to satisfy your daily roles as normal, real-life people. That means encouraging people to start wherever they are and being prepared to guide them safely forward on the path. One way we do that is by providing you with coaches that understand how hobbies can be passionately pursued without being a full-time occupation. Derek Nelson is a carpenter by trade. Whether it’s finishing million dollar home builds or the platforms in our weightlifting room, his skills clearly show. But, in 2013, Derek realized his passion for coaching others toward achieving their fitness goals and began coaching AFTER his work days. His personality can be immediately felt when he’s in the gym, which he couples by making a point to learn every single members’ name on before the next class. Yet, his playful demeanor does not mean a lack of drive. Derek currently holds a CrossFit L1 and a USAW L1, and he is competing in a national weightlifting meet at the end of the month with Coach Adam. Adam Williams is the founder of the Hellbender Barbell Club at R55F. Also a USAW L1 certified coach, he has been instructing for 5 years now. Adam and Derek launched a barbell fundamentals seminar series a few weeks ago, which averages 15+ attendees each week. But while the genuine love for the sport of weightlifting and the willingness to coach others in it has led Adam to the national stage in March, the sport is not his daily role. Adam is the President of Brushy Fork Environmental Inc and serves the community through environmental restoration and conservation (hence the Hellbender Salamander in the name!). Regardless of your skill level, these coaches (and the other USAW coaches) would love to come alongside you in your journey and guide you in that pursuit while understanding that training time is a commodity that must be maximized. #StartWhereYouAre #OlympicWeightlifting #USAW #Boone #SomethingForEveryone #IndividuallyOrdinaryCollectivelyRadical #DontFitInButBelong #Fitness 

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