Coach Introduction: Beth & Ben

🧩 Meet the pieces that form R55F 🧩 Over the next week, we will be introducing you to our staff. At R55F, we aim to inspire people to do ordinary things in community in order to lead radical, healthy lives. That begins with a staff that understands the mission AND the member and has the training to join the two at an extraordinary level. Whether you’re 6 or 60, we want to walk with you toward the goal of being functionally fit to satisfy your daily roles as normal, real-life people. That means encouraging people to start wherever they are and being prepared to guide them safely forward on the path. And our first 2 coach introductions are doing that at the most foundational level (literally). Beth and Ben Sibley have a combined coaching history of more than 11 years. Beth has her CF-L2 Trainer's Certificate, and Ben holds a rare CrossFit L3 Certification, which makes them the most highly certified CrossFit couple in the area. Beth completed the CrossFit Adaptive Training Course and holds a Masters in Social Work; Ben holds a PhD in Exercise Science. Both currently teach at ASU. But Team Sibley are also parents of 2 children and have extensive experience in teaching functional fitness to our youth. Having both self-invested and competed the CrossFit Kids trainer course, they have turned their passion into the creation of the Seven Seals CF Kids program at R55F!!! With today’s launch, Boone youth can now train alongside high-caliber, high-credentialed coaches that believe in a functional fitness program that is Broad Inclusive General (BIG) and scalable for any participant level. In doing so, kids are training for life rather than a sport-specific skill set. Check out our website for more information about the CF Kids program and how R55F might fit the goals of multiple age groups in your home. #StartWhereYouAre #Boone #Fitness #Wellness #Kids #SomethingForEveryone #IndividuallyOrdinaryCollectivelyRadical

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