09/11 Tribute

With a partner, complete the following:

9 Ground-to-Shoulder with a heavy sandbag or 90m Buddy Carry total

11 HSPU each

2001m Bike or Run total

90m Two-Hand DB Overhead Carry each

11 Deadlifts each (Use only 175# or 93# or 77#)

2977m Row total

*** Partners are responsible for a total of 412 Mountain Climbers during the WOD

*** First responder gear and/or weight vests are encouraged

175, 93, and 77 represent the fallen planes

2977 represents the total number of victims on 09/11/2001

412 represents the total number of first responders killed (343 FDNY, 37 Port Authority, 23 NYPD, 9 external agency responders)

Mountain Climbers represent the stairs in the Twin Towers

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