Exceptional Athletes

Weekly group-based workout class inclusively exclusive to those with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

Through several dedicated volunteers with experience in working with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, Coach Beth and team offer a free weekly group-based functional fitness class.  This class is offered through intentional partnership with NC Special Olympics, Watauga Opportunities, and multiple group homes in the area.

Contact us if you or someone you know could benefit from this program or if you are interested in launching this class in your gym




4 Week Fitness and Nutrition Coaching focused on relapse prevention and delivered in conjunction with local licensed therapeutic services.

One of our focuses within LW|OB is directed at helping those in the community committed to recovering from substance abuse to increase their likelihood of success by helping them to recover fit.  We believe that exercise allows people to be healthier physically and mentally.  And when done in an unconditionally inclusive group atmosphere, it fosters a support structure through relationships that extend beyond the walls of the gym.

This Relapse Prevention program is administered as a 4 Week Fitness and Nutrition Coaching deliverable which costs $300 per participant and is administered in collaboration with several local licensed therapeutic services.  If you are interested in RecoveryFit or have someone you'd like to sponsor, click the button below.



Curriculum Cohorts

8 week curricular program for men and women fighting the limitations of their individual brokenness.

This program deploys the 8 week curriculum in an all-male or all-female group setting.  The participants identify their own, individual "brokenness." This could be past assault, depression, body image issues, substance abuse, and so much more.  Participants learn to re-frame the perspective of their own brokenness alongside others.  They are then given an opportunity to leverage their individual experiences in community to serve others like themselves

Cost per participant is $750 for the 8 week program.  Contact us if you or someone you know could benefit from this program in one of our site cities or if you would like to help sponsor a participant.