You've found the motivation.  Now it's up to us to make it worth investing in yourself.  And we do that through recruiting the highest-qualified staff in the area, building our various programs off of continuous goal-defining conversations with our members, and constantly updating our facility.


Even in doing so, our coach-led, hands-on, data-driven offerings average less than $5.50 per class.  For less than a Salted Caramel Venti Mocha at a certain coffee chain, you could feel better in your clothes, feel stronger, and live longer.  



We are open 7 days a week and nearly everyday of the year!!! Rain or shine (or snow) we make a point to grant our members access to our facility.  But access is not where the value is found.

We have worked hard over the past 4 years to assemble the absolute best coaching staff in the area.  With over 58 years of collective experience and several high-end qualifications, the expertise of our staff is matched only by their passion for helping motivated individuals reach their longterm health & wellness goals.  

From One-On-One to Specialized Programming to Nutrition to Group Coaching, our staff delivers the best well-balanced service available in the High Country.  And, with our All-Inclusive Membership, you get it customized to your goals for less than $5.50 per day on average.  That's cheaper than a quality beer or cheap cocktail at dinner! What's your longterm health and wellness worth to you?  Book a No Sweat Intro today to get started.



10 non-expiring classes : $150 ($180 value)

For those looking for fewer classes a week or to stretch a membership across multiple months, we have options. Attending a smaller number of classes a week is a great start or perfect for those who travel frequently. These limited memberships options give you affordable options and maximized time in your month, but still allow you to see those fitness results.  This membership does not include Open Gym times. Book a No Sweat Intro to get started!



We offer several other unique opportunities for you to be a part of the RevFive5 community.


We are committed to leading motivated individuals to a well-balanced, sustainable, holistic path toward health and wellness.  Therefore, we offer discounts for bundling Fitness and Nutrition services together.  Investing in yourself longterm should be rewarded. Book a No Sweat Intro for more information.



We offer programs built around your individual goals and administered in a one-on-one or small group setting.  We understand that you may not yet feel comfortable with the large group classes or might have a more specific goal that extends beyond the Daily Dose. We will also have periodic Specialty Courses (i.e. Barbell Courses, Competitor Seminars, Gymnastics Courses, Nutrition Seminars, etc.). Book a No Sweat Intro for more information.



If you know your schedule doesn't mesh with a class structure, or you're playing around with your own programs, our discounted Open Gym membership may be the option for you.  Conversely, if improving your Olympic Weightlifting strength and technique is a focus, then our USAW affiliate Hellbender Barbell Club and USAW coaches are ready to make a home for you! Book a No Sweat Intro for more information


We reserve discount considerations for special circumstances.  Military and First Responders are one of those examples.  We also recognize that students should not encroach on their scholastic focus to afford a full membership.  Finally, families are increasingly wanting to train together; therefore, we take group memberships into consideration.  If any of these are you, Book a No Sweat Intro for more information

"This is more than just a gym - it's a community of folks dedicated to your success, whatever that means.  When they say start where you are, they truly mean it and will work with you the whole way.  I especially appreciate the stellar coaching  - from warm ups to workouts to cool downs - the coaches make sure we are safe, use good form, and feel supported throughout the entire process.  Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a great gym."

Kirstin Morgan

"Rev5 is more than just a gym - it's a community of people who truly care about not only your fitness, but YOU overall.  The coaches have TONS of experience, knowledge, and certifications and work with people from all fitness backgrounds to help them reach their goals.  I love this place!"

Kalin Bradley