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We have worked hard to re-open the facility safely.  But we also know that reopening those doors may not be the best option for everyone in our community.  Therefore, we've worked hard to create an online coaching service that will keep you (or start you) on your journey toward better health.

We have a customized program that can be completed in your home without sacrificing effectiveness.  The full-length On Demand workout videos come complete with movement explanation, demonstration, movement adjustments, warm-ups, and the ability to check in with a Coach.  Plus we do them with you!!! There are also recovery/mobility prescriptions included.  A peek into the Online Studio is below.

We will even drop-ship some new equipment directly to your house!

Oh, and it's half the price of an in-person monthly membership!

Fully, systematic functional fitness training from the comfort of your home.  Expert Coaches checking in on you periodically. Half the cost of an in-person membership. If you believe this remote option is the best for you, click the link below or above to book a FREE No-Sweat Intro.  This can now be done virtually, as well.

But don't feel like you're staying safe all alone.  

We have a Facebook Group for all the HomeFitters to interact with and encourage one another.  

We even get together once or twice per month to do Live Zoom HomeFit!!!

Check it out!!!