Hellbender Barbell Club

RevFive5 Fitness is the home of the USAW affiliated Hellbender Barbell Club.  The focus of the Barbell Club is to improve Olympic lifting technique and strength in community with others who share the passion. To learn 10 interesting facts about the Hellbender Salamander, click here

Mountaineer Weightlifting Club

The purpose of the Mountaineer Olympic Weightlifting Club is to promote and provide educational and social opportunities for the advancement of knowledge and practice of Olympic weightlifting to ASU students, as well as provide a support community for those passionate about weightlifting. 

Contact the club via their Instagram page

Strength Through Technique

The barbell clubs work hard to intentionally promote technique and fundamentals.  Frequent seminars are held in-house and free to our members.  A 5-day per week program is provided free to our members.  And USAW-sanctioned coaching certification courses are offered at R55F.

But technique is emphasized toward the goal of getting stronger.  We host sanctioned meets at R55F.  And our coaches/members compete nationally.  In March 2019, Coach Adam Williams won Bronze at Nationals in Salt Lake City, while Coach Derek Nelson placed 5th in the nation!


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Mon - Fri: Open Gym 6:00AM - 7:00PM

Sat: Open Gym 9:30AM - 11:30AM

Sun: Barbell Club 11:00-2:00

Weightlifting Rates are $75/month ($60/month for students)

*** Contact the Mountaineer Weightlifting Instagram Page for Club meeting times ***

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