At RevFive5 Fitness, our members’ safe journey toward control of their longterm health is our top priorities. Therefore we take our programming very seriously– we make every effort to ensure our workouts are well-balanced and effective. Keep scrolling to learn more about our programming philosophy.  You can get to know the expert coaches deploying this philosophy daily by clicking here


Jumping into a class can be very overwhelming and confusing. Therefore we have put together an introductory program, which we call On Ramp, to progressively introduce new members to the movements that will be performed during the daily workouts.


On Ramp is a series of ‘classes’ when you receive personal, one-on-one time with a coach who will watch you and teach you how to safely and correctly perform all the movements. Each class lasts about an hour, and upon completion of On Ramp, you will be proficient in the movements that you will see every week.



By utilizing spreadsheets and apps, we can keep track of what is being programmed: the type of workouts, time domains, loads, movements, and so on. As we grow and progress, we will utilize this data, analyze it, and continue to improve our product.


Some may not have the ability to begin in an On Ramp scenario, for a number of reasons.  However, the lingo and variety of movements can be overwhelming.  Therefore, we created a virtual library of as many movements as we could imagine and house them in the R55F Online Studio.  Access to this MOVE 101 Library is included in your Unlimited Membership.


To provide the most complete fitness service offerings possible, RevFive5 Fitness offers various Open Gym times throughout the week to go along with our RowFit programming, USAW Hellbender Barbell Club availability, and personalized training programs designed around your individual goals and fitness level. Check out these options here