At RevFive5 Fitness, we recognize not everyone is looking for a typical CrossFit style class. And we still want to be intentional about connecting with you! So, we offer personal training/on ramp sessions, cardio-centered QuickFit programs, CrossFit Kids, USAW affiliated Barbell Clubs, and extension Open Gym availability.  You can learn more about our diverse, experienced staff here.

#SomethingForEveryone #DontFitInButBelong

Personal Training

and On-Ramp

Our structure is built around group-based fitness; our philosophy is built on relationships.  We recognize that newcomers may wish to ease into the group classes after a few On Ramp sessions (including nutrition pointers).  We recognize that current members may be interested in improving on weaknesses which can't be addressed in a group-based programming construct.  We recognize that people have injuries and limitations unique to them which can be overcome through personalized coaching, allowing them to assimilate better in the group classes and benefit more greatly from the programming.  For all of these reasons, we offer Personal Training and On Ramp Training session at R55F.  Clink the link below to get started on your own journey!


For many, life doesn't offer time for a 60-minute class.  For others, the goal is to get that quick calorie burn but still enjoy a Coach's instruction and a group of friends.  For some, a kickstart is what their routine needs.  Either way, QuickFit is the program to try!

Crossfit Kids

CF Kids workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness program that is broad, inclusive, and general (B.I.G.) and scalable for any participant level.  What that means is that each child experiences challenges and rewards every workout, basing success on effort rather than comparison.  Kids are training for life, rather than a sport-specific skill set. Read more below to learn why we believe that CrossFit Kids at RevFive5 Fitness is 

the right fit for your youth and your family!

USAW Barbell Clubs

USAW-sanctioned and certified coach-led, our Hellbender Barbell Club and ASU Mountaineer Weightlifting Club are the (proven) best in the high country.  With a focus on fundamentals and passion for teaching, both of these clubs offer a welcoming atmosphere for beginners, high-level Olypmic competitors, or CrossFitters looking to improve on their lifts.

Open Gym

But with a genuine goal of providing #SomethingForEveryone, we worked hard to design the layout of our new facility to allow for extensive Open Gym availability.  If you want to makeup a missed WOD, practice a skill, or create your own workout at your on your own schedule, R55F is open to all members from 6:00am until 7:00pm Mon-Fri, 9:00am until 12:00pm Sat, and 11:00am until 2:00pm Sun, regardless of class schedule.

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